John Holmes’ cock

John Holmes was, of course, one of the most hung and famous of porn performers but most of his movies were, like him, straight. Born in 1944, he claimed to have slept with thousands of women and made numerous porn movies including a handful of gay porn episodes, including the one here that focuses on his massive dick. At the time he was one of the highest-paid models in the XXX biz but later in life got caught up in drugs and was notoriously questioned over his involvement in the so-called Wonderland murders. He died in 1988 from complications resulting from AIDS. You can see the full episode here at Vintage Gay Loops

Rick Donovan

Size queens out there have long enjoyed the movies of Rick Donovan, a guy with a 10-inch dick that graced countless movies in the 1980s. Rick may not have had the looks of a Greek god but his penis became one of the most recognizable in the industry as he made his way through the assholes of a string of co-stars. Famously, he even managed to fuck Matt Ramsey – the model who went on to make straight movies as Peter North. After retiring from porn, Rick became a barman in San Diego. See lots more of his movies at Falcon Studios

Mark Miller and Ron Pearson

Mark Miller was a gay porn model and top in the 1980s and early 90s, a star of such movies as Sizing Up, Inch By Inch, Dynastud and The Big Switch. An attractive dude with a big cock, he’s featured here though in the movie Night Flight. Ron Pearson is the flight attendant who wants to be sure that passenger Miller is getting the very best service. Watch more of the scene at Falcon Studios


Hands up everyone who can remember their first threesome… For one of us at the blog it was a quick one in a public toilet with two older men, who he sucked off and satisfied them by drinking their cum (getting a life-long taste for spunk in the process). For the other one of us, it was at college with a friend of a fuck buddy – the first experience of being spit-roasted too. Here are some vintage gay porn pix of some horny threesomes including an interesting take on fisting!

Dick Fisk

We gotta say that nice guy Dick Fisk has always had us creaming our pants here at the blog and he was always bound to be a star with such a great body, a perfect bubble butt and such a great fat cock. Dick came from Georgia and was not surprisingly snapped up by Falcon Studios to appear in such classics as Spokes, Champs and The Other Side of Aspen. Tragically, he was killed in an accident in 1983.

Hal Drake

Some gay porn stars made so many movies that it’s difficult keeping track of everything while others came and went far too quickly. Hal Drake, who’s pictured here for you today, was one of those who didn’t produce a great deal of work. OK, he wasn’t the greatest looker (at least as far as we’re concerned) but he did sport a pretty spectacular cock. Falcon filmed him in Upperclassman and Johnny Harden and The Champs

Boys and their pets

One of our regular blog contributors has a disturbing story to tell about the time he picked someone up in a club and went back to his place for a late night fuck. After getting naked and rolling around in the bed, the guy’s dog appeared on the scene and wouldn’t stop leaping all over them as they tried to suck cock. Our man’s fuck buddy wouldn’t lock the animal away despite the fact it was trying to get involved in the sex! So, with his cock rapidly shrinking, our blogger got up and left… Can’t blame him either… Anyway, from the vintage gay porn era come these shots of boys happily showing off their pets (who hopefully were locked away when they had any men around).

John Pruitt

John Pruitt may have had a muscled body that exuded power but he had the face of an angel – so it’s no wonder that he became one of the most popular of the big Colt Studios men back in the glory days. John was really Jim Yount, a university swimming champion who went on to become a star of the bodybuilding circuit before making his series of stunning softcore films with Colt. This clip shows him on the seashore, running and stripping with his muscles rippling away. And towards the end we catch a nice little shot of his swelling cock…

Bryon Hawkwood, Colt Icon

Byron-Hawkwood-in-a-gay-porn-photo-spread-for-COLT-Studio-Group-6 Byron-Hawkwood-in-a-gay-porn-photo-spread-for-COLT-Studio-Group-8 Byron-Hawkwood-in-a-gay-porn-photo-spread-for-COLT-Studio-Group-12

Byron Hawkwood is one of the men selected for the Colt Icon Series – the cream of the studio’s crop of models, raided from the archive. He’s a guy who screams ‘vintage’ from the top of his big 80s hair to his toes. He may not have the biggest cock in the world but we’d give him a blow job to remember, given the chance. And that ass – it was made for us to eat out…

69… then fuck me

The 1970s-style bedsheets may be enough to give you a migraine but ignore those and enjoy this juicy 69 – one of the finest of all gay sex acts in our humble opinion. Our stars give us a masterclass in sucking before one lines back and lets his buddy lower his hairy young hole onto his handsome dick… Watch more of the show at Vintage Gay Loops

Gary Boyd

There are some men from our gay porn viewing of the past who always stay in the mind and among them is Gary Boyd. This handsome young stud was great to look at and packed an awesome cock – just look how thick it is and wonder what it would feel like penetrating your ass… Gary was supposedly a Marine. Either way, he appeared in the movie Marine Furlough from Brentwood along with a number of other movies including Truck Stop directed by the legendary Matt Sterling. See more about his movies here

Greg Kolb

You don’t need us to tell you that Greg Kolb is a fine-looking specimen of manhood. One of the features we’re particularly impressed with is his cock – just look at the amazing mushroom head he’s sporting and imagine that popping your cherry! Greg made a few appearances with Colt Studios – some photoshoots and a duo with Howie Landon in particular. And you can see some more pix here

Sex in the woods

We’re sure we’re not the only ones who found a good sex education in the cruising grounds of our local woods. Sure, there were days when we were frustrated and nobody was around other than a dirty old man who looked like he hadn’t washed in days. But sometimes we were in luck and got a cock to suck or an ass to fuck. Indeed, there was always a real thrill about it, not knowing who or how many men you were gonna find. Just like these guys? See them in action at Vintage Gay Loops

Mac Turner

A handsome brunette with a big cut cock, Mac Turner was a Falcon favorite for a while in the pre-condom era starring in such films as Against the Rules and Biker’s Liberty. You can see him, for example, getting fucked by Josh Kincaid and Tim Kramer in these movies so he certainly worked with some of the big names. It’s just a shame his cannon of work is so small…

Gunner Hyde and Killer Joe

Gunner Hyde was a typical Colt man. With a tache, fur and muscles, he cropped up regularly for the studio in the 1980s in magazines and on film and as many have pointed out, had something of the Freddie Mercury look about him. In this scene, he’s paired with hunky Killer Joe and we gotta say that some of the filming of their blowjobs is incredible – so close up you can almost taste those dicks and precum yourself…

Geoff Minger

In some parts of the world, the word ‘minger’ is used to describe someone who’s pretty damn ugly. But one thing we can say about Geoff Minger is that he ain’t that!

This curly haired young man was Playgirl magazine’s Man of the Month for January 1980 and his bedroom shoot shows off his delicious smooth body to perfection.

In the accompanying blurb, Geoff talks about being a very oral person and we sure wouldn’t mind returning the favor on him…

Lloyd Beardsley

Lloyd Beardsley is one of those handsome men from the Playgirl magazine archives.

He appeared in the July 1973 edition showing off his sexy cock and awesome abs in a photoshoot that saw him sailing on the ocean in the nude and then romping through some woodland.

We wouldn’t have minded coming face to face with him on his romp and giving him a darn good servicing!

Gloryhole jocks

Back in the vintage gay porn era, it seemed you could wander into any old john and find yourself a gloryhole and a fat cock or two. These days it’s hard work trying to find somewhere without reinforced walls, CCTV and cops clamping down on ‘anti-social’ activity. We well remember many adventures in the good old days and these boys remind us of the sorts of things we used to get up to. There was always something special about waiting for a juicy dick to plop through the hole!

Tom and Mark Benson

This twink outing comes from the Falcon Studios loop Ace In The Hole and stars insatiable lads Tom and Mark Benson. Stuck in their dorm and with no cash to go and party, the boys decide that a game of strip poker is in order – and that’s great news for us. Soon naked and sporting some handsome erections, Mark lies back as Tom services his dick before Tom delivers a hard-pounding fuck…

Grant Fagan sex action

The great think about sexy jock Grant Fagan was his versatility. This vintage gay porn star was famous for being able to suck his ample, long cock but he was just as happy whether he was being fucked or screwing some guy’s butt. He had a long gay porn career too, appearing off and on into the early 90s… In these pix, he’s just about to have his ass plugged.

Body worship

We can never understand why porn directors are so insistent on getting to the main event as quickly as possible, whether it be cock in the mouth or cock in the ass. These slim, smooth and pale lads are fortunately given the time to indulge in a bit of foreplay, a dose of horny body worship before progressing to the hardcore sex. And there’s always room for that… See more of them at Vintage Gay Loops

Studies complete – time for sex

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Killer Joe

If you keep track of the blog you’ll have seen beefy Killer Joe in action before – doing a fuck scene with Gunner Hyde. We thought, though, that it was time to give him a slot all to himself so he can see his amazing body in all its glory. Beautifully inked, Joe is all man with a nice, hairy bush and fabulous pecs. He can fuck us any time… See more pix of Killer Joe and see him in action with the guys at Colt Studios

Mike Morris

There’s no disputing that Mike Morris was a typical Colt model – beautifully muscled and hairy, he was a classic man’s man. He made a couple of porno appearances in the 1970s and not just for Colt, including the classic Joe Gage movie El Paso Wrecking Corp and Desert Fox. He was also featured in many Colt mags but unfortunately many of them are now out of print. You can see more pix of him free here

Line them up – naked men, soft cocks

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Not everyone is into leather but there’s no doubt that it’s one of the biggest fetishes going… and over the years it’s been the theme of countless gay porn movies. For those who like the feel of leather on skin and cock, here are a few pix from the vintage era to help you with your jack-off sessions.

Chris Burns, Cory Monroe, Cole Carpenter and Chad Douglas

Here’s a scene that will have the vanilla among you wincing. Featuring Chris Burns, Cory Monroe, Cole Carpenter and Chad Douglas, it’s the climax to the Falcon movie Spring Break – a film that proved hugely popular on its release and continues to be so today. It’s brutal stuff – Chris and Cory end up with either a huge dildo, a fist or Chad’s massive cock in their well-used assholes. Ouch…

Couples – doing what comes naturally

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Chad Douglas

We’ve had Chad Douglas on the blog before but only in action so we decided it was time to give him some space and show him out and proud on his own. Chad was a ‘tached and hairy porn stud with a very big cock indeed and reportedly one of the nicest guys in the industry according to many who knew him – and despite his on-screen reputation. Doubtless because of his size and looks, he was often cast as the aggressive top although off-screen he was known as something of a bottom! Chad was born in Puerto Rico in 1957 and made some great movies during his career – many of them for Falcon Studios.

Appreciation in all its forms – butts and cocks

tumblr_n2dovqsuAL1rmp9huo1_400 tumblr_ljvggeycYs1qip49io1_500 Purely-Vintage-Gay-Porn-33