Three lads and a sofa

We’re not big fans of the 70s sofa, but we sure love what’s taking place on it. These three studs sure know how to have a good time, and work to ensure that not a hole is wasted – ass or mouth. After all, being fucked raw is good enough, but it’s even better when you’ve got a guy ramming his dick in your mouth too… See more of the action at Vintage Gay Loops

Sailor in the Wild

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A week or so ago we showed you some stills from Sailor in the Wild 2, sequel to this original and superior movie from 1983. From the master, William Higgins, it features a cast that remains one of the strongest ever filmed – including Brian Thompson, Bill Henson, Buster, Rick Donovan, Cory Adams, Aaron Gage and Dave Sommers. Thompson is the sailor on leave, getting up to all manner of sexual shenanigans with this talented group of guys. Raw and wonderfully filmed, it’s an absolute star of a movie. Catch more of the action now at Channel 1

Roger – and his fine cock

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Today we bring you more pictures of one of the great porn stars of the vintage era, the delicious Roger. As you can see from the pictures, he didn’t just have model looks and the most perfect physique, he also had a truly perfect cock. See him in such movies as The Crotch Watcher and The Academy. We promise you won’t be disappointed (and your cock will be hard).

Three’s company – again

We’re no strangers to threesomes here at the blog, on the principle that three cocks are much more fun than two. And that if you’re lucky you can have one at both ends at the same time. So to help us on our way to finding our next ‘friend’ here are some pix of three lads enjoying each others’ nakedness from the great days of vintage porn. We particularly like the pic on the right – the photographer has clearly taken time to arrange his models from the one with the smallest dick to the one with the biggest. And what a big one it is too…

Cole Carpenter

It’s funny how some photo spreads stick in your mind. This one featuring Cole Carpenter from a 1980s edition of Advocate Men is one. Perhaps it was because we had a few of his films and would regularly jack off to them – his ample cock being a fine stimulant to even the most jaded of wankers. Among the movies from the vintage era were Too Big for His Britches from Sierra Pacific and Spring Break from Falcon Studios but he also did plenty of work for Catalina.

Pat Larkin

Handsome Californian Pat Larkin appeared nude in the May 1985 edition of Playgirl magazine.

This was the time when erections were finally allowed on Playgirl’s models and we’re very grateful for that because Pat’s cock is a particularly impressive one erect.

Combine that with his furry chest and bulky pecs and you’re really on to a winner with this guy – especially if he let you ride that dick.

Sailor in the Wild 2

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We admit we’re probably stretching the term ‘vintage’ to its limits with the 1990 release Sailor in the Wild 2. Still, it’s worth a view even if it’s not a patch on the original. The film stars the strangely inert Ray Stockwell, who appears in a threeway that includes Trevor Young and Dane Taylor. Bizarrely, it begins with Dane attacking them dressed like Jason from the Friday the 13th movie! Elsewhere, we see hung cop Tom Steele wanking on his motorbike, Adam Grant fucking bad boy Ted Cox, Lon Flexx and Tom Ruckers screwing on a bulldozer and finally Vic Summers, Chris Stone and Michael Moore fucking in the sunshine. Catch the movie and more pix at Channel 1

Football star

A-1982-Honcho-spread-entitled-Tight-End-7 A-1982-Honcho-spread-entitled-Tight-End-5 A-1982-Honcho-spread-entitled-Tight-End-8

Gay porn has been fascinated with the locker room and sports for as long as it’s been in existence. All that sweaty manhood, all those fit and naked men hanging around the showers, secretly comparing their dicks with their friends’. It’s such an obvious place for fantasy to come alive. Here’s a series of pix from an early 1980s Honcho magazine spread, with a fantasy football player flashing us his package. Nice!

Jesse Ditmar

There are some things in porn that really turn us on and for us it’s, perhaps surprisingly, when a guy first pulls off his briefs. That moment of anticipation and revelation is so hot it invariably has us rock hard. Witness this solo from the Colt Studios Minute Man series starring Jesse Ditmar, when he’s leaning against his jeep and tugs them off. Out springs his already erect cock just waiting to be stroked…

Clint Lockner

Clint Lockner was another of the great Colt porn stars of the day, appearing not just in solos but with other great stars like Bruno (that’s him in the middle pic). Ripped, with a handsome cut cock and moustachioed, the story goes that Clint was a cop in LA before getting into porn – and he certainly played a very convincing officer of the law in his movies! Clint was a great performer but unfortunately succumbed to AIDS. See more of him in action at Colt

Joe Cade and Justin Cade

What is truth in the fantasy land of porn? It’s often difficult to unravel it in the hype surrounding scenes and movies. Take the story of Joe Cade and Justin Cade, who were at their gay porn peak in the 1980s. According to some stories, Joe and Justin were brothers while others claimed they were unrelated and just lovers. Justin, though, was at one point Al Parker’s boyfriend while Joe went to to date Tom Chase. The most likely story is that the two were cousins and they certainly appeared together, as you can see here, in the Falcon movie Splash Shots

Vintage mag covers

How times change… As we’ve said before, back in the days of vintage gay porn we could only get our kicks in a theater or by buying gay mags. So in celebration of those days of printed material, here are some examples of XXX magazines – the very type we used to purchase, take home and jack off too. In many respects, the mags made your imagination work much harder than the vids and online shows we see today… Funnily enough, other things have changed too. Back when the Gay Marriage Guide came out no-one would’ve thought it would be possible but in many countries around the world it is!

Michael Christopher

Today we meet one of the big names of pre-condom era gay porn – Michael Christopher. This hung and buff dude was best known as a great top, wasn’t exactly the greatest looker in the world and appeared in such movies as Skin Deep (from which these pix are taken), Shore Leave and Pleasure Beach. He grew up in Michigan and always classified himself as a bisexual. You can see more of him at Channel 1

Open those legs…

tumblr_m5xu7wKlB61qhhoqdo1_500 tumblr_n2efpsAuRI1rownyho1_1280 tumblr_n2ein8zWM31qmrshlo1_1280

These three boys don’t have much in common. We don’t know whether they liked cock or pussy. But they’ve all got their legs open, sort of like an invitation to crawl between their thighs and suck them to a mighty climax.

The Young & the Hung

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Some pictures today from one of the great gay porn films of all time. From director William Higgins, The Young & the Hung has a pretty amazing cast and some memorable sex. Christopher Lance is the cover model and one of the cock-hungry highlights but this classic also features extra well hung Michael Gere, glory holes, straight porn star François Papillon, a threesome and a fuck involving a watermelon. You won’t regret watching it… You can see more of it at Channel 1

Clay Russell and Mark Kropp

Today’s dose of vintage gay porn comes from an old Nova shoot from the 1970s featuring Clay Russell and Mark Kropp. Called Track Meat, it features the age-old staple of athlete and his coach. Kropp has been out on the track doing his laps and going through his workout routine but has ended up with the cramps so the pair head indoors to the lockerroom, where coach Clay gives him a very special treatment…

Joe Falco and Mark Alexander

Here’s a real treat for all you fans of leather and muscle men, from the archives of Colt Studios. It stars Joe Falco and Mark Alexander, a beefier pair of men you couldn’t imagine. The scene is called Fog Bound and was released on the Genuine Leather DVD and it offers some brilliantly filmed oral action and ass play – both fingers and tongues in ass for a start. Mark seems to get off giving his bike a good licking too!

Christopher James

Here was a boy who was near the top of the cute list in the days of vintage gay porn – Christopher James. We think he’s grade A stunning and the photographer has really caught his exceptional beauty in this shoot, his soft cock just waiting to be sucked hard and that bubble butt gagging to be fucked. We imagine he was very popular with his gay school buddies! Christopher made a couple of movie appearances in his short career.

California Summer

We’re stuck in the depths of winter up here in the northern hemisphere but we can at least watch the boys in the sunshine and on the beach in some great pre-condom gay porn movies. Take California Summer from William Higgins, which is packed with hot jocks and big erections. There’s even an underwater blowjob session with Sergio Canali although we’ve chosen to bring you some shots from an orgy. Other scenes featured the likes of Ricki Benson, Jason Lloyd, JJ McCarthy, Joe Reeve, Larry Richards, Tim Richards, Mark Scott Solo, Chris Thompson and Brent Woods. Recall the great days of summer by watching the movie at Channel 1

Rod Phillips oral games

Blond Rod Phillips – he was a good-looking guy and the star of plenty vintage gay porn era movies. For a while he dated Lee Ryder so he was clearly happy with big cocks too! His films included Boys Town – the pix come from it and the movie can be seen at Channel 1 – along with other Catalina productions like Hard Steal. But he also worked for Falcon Studios, fucking his way through Spokes and Winner Takes All, for example. Rod, tragically, died in 1993 as a result of AIDS.

Terry Bunz

Terry Bunz isn’t a guy we remember from the days of vintage gay porn but here he is as a cowboy giving us a wank show at Colt Studios. We’ve not been able to locate anymore of his work, either in video or pix so perhaps this was all he ever did nude for the cameras. Terry has a nice meaty body, smooth but built. Neither does he boast a giant cock – but we know many of you like an average-sized man!

Sucking on the sofa

We give these jocks their due. They still managed to have sex on the sofa, despite it having the sort of pattern that would give most of us a migraine these days. How did we ever buy such furniture? Still, back to the sex and these horny lads have come home with boners to sort out and enthusiastically get down to some BJ action, a 69 and some delicious butt munching… Watch the climax at Vintage Gay Loops

Kelly Coffee

Model Kelly Coffee looks very sculptural in this photo from his Playgirl magazine shoot.

The rest of the pix reveal that he was also a pretty hung guy, someone who could give us a good fuck any time he wished.

Kelly had a great chest, hairy and with a tantalizing treasure trail. He was Playgirl’s Man of the Month for July 1986.

Steve Sprague and Chris Randall

The vintage Falcon movie Huge 2, directed by the brilliant Matt Sterling, is best known as a vehicle for the horse-hung and late, great Lee Ryder but here we feature two of the lesser known models – Steve Sprague and Chris Randall. In their scene, Steve has picked up Chris in his truck and finding a secluded spot, pulls over and parks up. Wandering into the woods, they free their raging erections and go to work. Steve takes charge, shoving his big dick down Chris’s throat, ordering him to eat his ass and then filling his butthole with his throbbing raw dick…

Motel California

From the mid-1980s, Motel California was a movie from William Higgins and one of his earliest ventures into video rather than film. It featured a typical Higgins cast too including the multi-talented bottom Kevin Wiles and the extremely well-hung Grant Fagan, who did one of his self-suck routines for good measure. Mike Anthony made his Higgins debut here as well, sporting an equally big dick… Watch the video now at Channel 1

Mark Christian

We had to stop ourselves shooting a load or two within moments of watching Mark Christian at work, half naked in leather and using those leather tools to turn himself on. Hairy from top to toe and with a nice big cut cock that we can only dream of licking and sucking, he’s the perfect man. This scene comes from the Colt Studios movie Genuine Leather

Fuck me in the sun

Never has a picnic table been more useful. Never has a picnic table seen such a fine meal. We’re talking about the two horny and very fit young men who feast on each others’ cocks, balls and assholes here, doing it in the sunshine. They’re just the type of wildlife we like to see on a walk in the country. See more of them at Vintage Gay Loops

Couples together…

Today’s dose of vintage gay porn features some handsome couples doing it together. We have a particular fondness for the image on the left, where our two lads have clearly finished fucking. Our top’s cock is covered in cum but his buddy on the bottom has a lot more of that white stuff on his body! Yum…

Gunther Keller, Lil’ Shadow and Mike Davis

There are some gay porn scenes that take you right back to the vintage era and this is one of them for us from the team at Colt Studios. Featuring Gunther Keller, Lil’ Shadow and the truly stunning Mike Davis, we recall wanking along to it many many times. Filmed silently, it’s called The Bonus and has our three ranchers sucking and fucking away in the stables. There’s something special here for fans of foreskin too…

Stephen D’Auria

The picture quality may not be brilliant but you don’t have to look too hard to realise that Stephen D’Auria is a true stud.

His 70s hair, all that chest fur and the beard indicate that he’s a man’s man from top to bottom.

He appeared in Playgirl Magazine, billed as their Man of the Month for June 1978.