Phillip and Bill Adams

The guy simply known as Phillip made a few horny appearances for Falcon Studios back in the early days – The Crotch Watcher and Weekend Lockup were some of the films he graced. However, this handsome man’s man is shown here with Bill Adams in Badlands, in which Phillip is trying to get some work done on the farm. His luck’s out (or in) though because sexy Bill Adams comes along and offers to take a break with him – a break that involves a mean and bareback outdoor fuck. Sounds good to us…

Clint Lockner, Mark Rutter and Mike Davis

We’ve said it before but we’re happy to repeat it – Mike Davis is one fucking horny porn star! Just look at him in this threesome from Colt Studios – eating ass while he’s having his hole fucked, licking a cop’s nightstick as it’s about to plunder another ass. Yes, in this outing with Clint Lockner and Mark Rutter, he sure does shine as a cock-hungry sex pig. What a star!

Assume the position…

Purely-Vintage-Gay-Porn-25 Purely-Vintage-Gay-Porn-4 Purely-Vintage-Gay-Porn-22

Jack Hacker and Mickey Squires

Jack Hacker and Mickey Squires may well have ended up with carpet burn after this afternoon gay sex session for the Colt Studios cameras. But their sacrifice will not have been in vain because they deliver a great show and look fuckin’ hot as they fuck. There’s some fine close up shots of the studs shooting their loads, and of cum dribbling over their incredible physiques.

More Hot Rods

If we’d saved up all the spunk we’d unloaded as a result of watching Nova films over the years, we’d need a bucket to take it all! Here’s a couple of shots from the film More Hot Rods, about boys and their cars, boys and cops and boys and gay sex. Duos and threesomes with Tim Taylor, Bill Lake, Ron Stevens, Chris Dean, Rick Scott, Wes Harding and many other porn studs make up the movie, which includes plenty of outdoor sex scenes too. Many of Nova’s movies are available here

Van Reynolds

One minute Van Reynolds is hiking alone in the woods, the next he’s been attacked by some anonymous gang or other, stripped naked and tied up. But what happens next with this muscular dude of the vintage gay porn era? Do they just leave him there until they take pity on him and cut the ropes? Or do they strip off and take advantage of that peachy butt, fucking it hard until they’ve loaded it up with hot streams of cum? We guess we’ll never know…

Big boners

A treat today for all you size queens out there – three hung young men from the days of vintage gay porn who we’d be happy to entertain in our beds. Fancy coming home to find the guy in the middle in your yard, naked and with that huge dick hanging down just waiting to be pumped hard and thrust into your ass. Or how about the young man on the right… can you imagine what it would feel like to be fucked by him?

The best type of pool party…

Torso-Magazine-Pool-Party-Spread-by-Charlie-Airwaves-in-September-1987-11 Torso-Magazine-Pool-Party-Spread-by-Charlie-Airwaves-in-September-1987-9 Torso-Magazine-Pool-Party-Spread-by-Charlie-Airwaves-in-September-1987-6

Clint Lockner and Bruno revisited

We’ve seen Clint Lockner and Bruno having great sex before on the blog but here’s another clip, just to keep your dicks good and hard! Taken from a Colt Studios movie, this excerpt has some lovingly shot imagery of these studs’ fine and hefty cocks and also perfectly showcases Bruno’s intensely hairy physique. Yum!

Jim Pulver

jimpulver1 jimpulver2 jimpulver9

Jim Pulver made plenty of movies back in the 80s, among them Stryker Force and In Hot Pursuit. He was a big-dicked young man, as you can see from the pix, and so was often seen topping. He worked for a number of studios, including Falcon.

Suck me off…

tumblr_ncay983Ci21qkrtvko1_500 tumblr_nc9tntSfBD1s2jmrho1_400 tumblr_nclz47eJoA1s2jmrho1_500

Jack Wranger rides dick

Yes, that’s porn god Jack Wrangler enjoying a summer sex session at the beach courtesy of Vintage Gay Loops. And he sure knows how to ride a hard cock.

Vintage mag covers

tumblr_mrys1bjuRP1s14gklo1_500 tumblr_mryr6jkU8d1s14gklo1_500 tumblr_m931dt4y2V1qbtjlvo1_1280

Bruce Craig and Ralph Whitaker

Here’s a Colt Studios scene that’s a bit different to what we often used to see from them back in the vintage era – a daddy and son session. Yep, unless you tell us different, we don’t recall them being a regular feature of their output then (you see rather more of it these days). Our horny pair are Bruce Craig and Ralph Whitaker.

Jeff Turk action

Jeff Turk was an often moustachioed but always ripped – and hung – stud who made numerous movie appearances in the pre-condom era. He started appearing in pornos in the late 70s and was around for a few years, working with Falcon and Surge Studios and appearing in the first two Out of Aspen movies for Falcon and other classics like Help Wanted and Oversized Load. Jeff had a monster, veiny dick and topped and bottomed. What happened to him? We don’t know…

Threeway suck-fest

There’s a whole lot of oral going on in this clip from Vintage Gay Loops.

Kirk Mannheim, Holtz and Jack Egan

We’re never ones to miss an opportunity of seeing super-hung blond stallion Holtz giving it his best. And here’s a threesome called Loft To Let from Falcon Studios in which he uses his immense cock on the horny Kirk Mannheim and Jack Egan. On the way up to view an apartment in the elevator, Kirk grabs his chance to go down on Holtz’s impressive boner. And once they’re indoors, Jack comes on to Kirk! So what better than to make it a threesome? It’s good to see Holtz getting fucked in the movie too.


tumblr_mp64v8tD3X1qadjvjo1_500 vv0606b+5 obscure-gay

Clint Lockner and Jack Hacker

Police officer Clint Lockner has a few problems with the radio in his squad car so he calls at a house to use a phone instead and finds himself with bearded beauty Jack Hacker. The attraction is obvious and before you know it, the guys are naked and indulging in some heavy duty cock and ball worship. Stay tuned because officer Lockner’s long and smooth truncheon comes in particularly handy… This is another of those classic scenes from Colt Studios, called Playing with Danger

After-school sex buddies

Vintage_gay_teenboys12 Vintage_gay_teenboys10 Vintage_gay_teenboys11

Pump my dick…

Something a little different from Vintage Gay Loops – a couple of jocks having a good suck and fuck from the 1970s. But our bottom has a vacuum pump at work on his dick. Take a look at how it helps him unload his jizz…

Kiss me…

tumblr_m6uei7HGBR1qadjvjo1_500 gay vintage kissing 2 vintage-gay-porn-31

Bare fucks

Despite all the barebacking movies on the market these days, screwing without condoms still divides opinions dramatically. Back in the pre-condom days before people knew anything about HIV, we all took it for granted that guys fucked ass without rubbers. That bottoms could feel a bare dick in their assholes and happily have those holes filled with sperm without fearing anything. These two, deep penetration pix celebrate those days of innocence. And for the record, they come from the movie Motel California that you can watch at Channel 1

Dirk in Winner’s Way

Welcome to a scene from the vintage Falcon Studios movie Winner’s Way called Fuckmates in which married man Dirk finds himself home alone with his wife’s brother when she’s gone off shopping. So what do you do with your handsome brother-in-law, who obviously likes cock? How about fucking on the stairs? A risky place to do it in case she comes home but when you need to suck a dick and unload your balls, anywhere and anything goes…

69 on the bed

We’ve got to admit that we don’t know who these guys are. Indeed, there is so much vintage gay porn where the men are these days very difficult to identify – if you know who they are, do let us know. That’s because we’re a fan of this sexy 69 in the comfort of their bedroom… See more of them at Vintage Gay Loops

Kurt Bauer and cock sucking

We don’t think there’s any doubt that Kurt Bauer loved working out and lifting weights. You just have to look at his chest – a fabulously hairy chest too – to realise that. And for a real man’s man, Kurt was quite happy to bend over and get fucked as well. He appeared in plenty of mags during his porn career as well as Catalina movies like The Big Ones and Down for the Count. You can watch them at Channel 1

Larry Young aka Jimmy Metz

Playgirl magazine billed him as Larry Young when he appeared as their man of the month in September 1986.

But gay porn fans may know him under a different alias – Jimmy Metz.

Handsome Jimmy/Larry was a beefy young guy with a fat cock who made a number of movies in the late 80s including Afternooners, Bore ‘n’ Stroke, Hard to Come By (a threesome with Glenn Steers and Tom LeDuc) as well as Intruders.

Judd Cooper

Fuck! There’s no other word to say when you get a look at Judd Cooper. This bearded, muscled and hairy stallion has got our juices flowing – and no doubt the juices of many other fans of the typical Colt Studios man from the golden age of gay porn. Judd’s all cowboy, happy to strip out of his gear on the ranch and pose with his fully erect cock. We just wish we were around at the shoot so he could fuck us.

Dicks with hoods

These men from the vintage gay porn era don’t have much in common – one twinky, others older. Sure, they’re naked but they do all have uncut cocks. And today we’ve chosen to show you these beautiful hooded men with their dicks soft so you can fully appreciate their perfect foreskins. As cut guys, we love an uncut man – just so we can get our tongues in there and indulge in a bit of docking. All very, very horny!

Ed Dinakos and Jake Tanner

There was a time when Jake Tanner and Ed Dinakos were an item. And few more perfect couples we struggle to imagine! When these two bundles of muscle and fur stripped down and got to work on each other, it was time to pull out your own cocks and get wanking with them. They’re not really as vintage as most men we feature on this site, admittedly, but they were so damn hot as Colt sex stars that we make no excuses for featuring them!