Pump my dick…

Something a little different from Vintage Gay Loops – a couple of jocks having a good suck and fuck from the 1970s. But our bottom has a vacuum pump at work on his dick. Take a look at how it helps him unload his jizz…

Kiss me…

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Bare fucks

Despite all the barebacking movies on the market these days, screwing without condoms still divides opinions dramatically. Back in the pre-condom days before people knew anything about HIV, we all took it for granted that guys fucked ass without rubbers. That bottoms could feel a bare dick in their assholes and happily have those holes filled with sperm without fearing anything. These two, deep penetration pix celebrate those days of innocence. And for the record, they come from the movie Motel California that you can watch at Channel 1

Dirk in Winner’s Way

Welcome to a scene from the vintage Falcon Studios movie Winner’s Way called Fuckmates in which married man Dirk finds himself home alone with his wife’s brother when she’s gone off shopping. So what do you do with your handsome brother-in-law, who obviously likes cock? How about fucking on the stairs? A risky place to do it in case she comes home but when you need to suck a dick and unload your balls, anywhere and anything goes…

69 on the bed

We’ve got to admit that we don’t know who these guys are. Indeed, there is so much vintage gay porn where the men are these days very difficult to identify – if you know who they are, do let us know. That’s because we’re a fan of this sexy 69 in the comfort of their bedroom… See more of them at Vintage Gay Loops

Kurt Bauer and cock sucking

We don’t think there’s any doubt that Kurt Bauer loved working out and lifting weights. You just have to look at his chest – a fabulously hairy chest too – to realise that. And for a real man’s man, Kurt was quite happy to bend over and get fucked as well. He appeared in plenty of mags during his porn career as well as Catalina movies like The Big Ones and Down for the Count. You can watch them at Channel 1

Larry Young aka Jimmy Metz

Playgirl magazine billed him as Larry Young when he appeared as their man of the month in September 1986.

But gay porn fans may know him under a different alias – Jimmy Metz.

Handsome Jimmy/Larry was a beefy young guy with a fat cock who made a number of movies in the late 80s including Afternooners, Bore ‘n’ Stroke, Hard to Come By (a threesome with Glenn Steers and Tom LeDuc) as well as Intruders.

Judd Cooper

Fuck! There’s no other word to say when you get a look at Judd Cooper. This bearded, muscled and hairy stallion has got our juices flowing – and no doubt the juices of many other fans of the typical Colt Studios man from the golden age of gay porn. Judd’s all cowboy, happy to strip out of his gear on the ranch and pose with his fully erect cock. We just wish we were around at the shoot so he could fuck us.

Dicks with hoods

These men from the vintage gay porn era don’t have much in common – one twinky, others older. Sure, they’re naked but they do all have uncut cocks. And today we’ve chosen to show you these beautiful hooded men with their dicks soft so you can fully appreciate their perfect foreskins. As cut guys, we love an uncut man – just so we can get our tongues in there and indulge in a bit of docking. All very, very horny!

Ed Dinakos and Jake Tanner

There was a time when Jake Tanner and Ed Dinakos were an item. And few more perfect couples we struggle to imagine! When these two bundles of muscle and fur stripped down and got to work on each other, it was time to pull out your own cocks and get wanking with them. They’re not really as vintage as most men we feature on this site, admittedly, but they were so damn hot as Colt sex stars that we make no excuses for featuring them!

Paul Baressi

Gay porn has thrown up plenty of characters over the years and up there must be Paul Baressi. Born in 1949, he was a regular on the porn scene in the 1970s and 1980s and starred in gay, straight and bi productions. At one point, he filmed for Colt. And while he identifies as straight, that didn’t stop him claiming to have had an affair with John Travolta – although he later retracted the story. Subsequently, Baressi went on to make numerous gay XXX films as a director, appeared as a legit actor, worked as a private detective and cropped up in other celeb scandals linked to Eddie Murphy and Michael Jackson.

Bill Curry and Ryan Kilgore

Here are a couple of hot men doing it indoors for the Colt Studios cameras – Bill Curry and Ryan Kilgore. It’s an intense scene too and proves that the pair were really into each other (or had been starved of sex for months!). Ryan made a couple of clips for Colt during his career in porn – and he had a humpy hairy chest as well.

Jeff Converse

There’s a look about many Falcon models and Jeff Converse had it in spades. Smooth, nicely muscled, hung and with a perfect bubble butt – an all-American man. He’s just the type of guy you wanted as a neighbor and who’d invite you round for a quick fuck on a lazy afternoon. His beautiful eyes, perfect pecs and juicy dick graced a number of Falcon films including Spring Training, Saddle Tramps 2 and The Other Side of Aspen 2 – and we always loved watching him bottom.

Al Cavoto

Now how inviting is this pose?

We think it’s pretty awesome and the guy is Al Cavoto. The pic comes from the March 1976 edition of Playgirl magazine, in which Al was the man of the month.

With his legs apart like that, our imaginations are running riot – the thought of crawling up between his thighs to get a taste of that cock and balls and burying our tongues in his hairy arsehole…

We’d better stop now before we shoot our loads.

Fucking on a water bed

The whole idea of water beds is anathema to us. The thought of having to sleep – and fuck – on something that rolls around like a ship in a rough ocean is enough to make us seasick. Our two fuck buddies, though, seem to have few problems and manage to keep the contents of their stomachs intact (at least until filming is finished) as they screw bareback. Some incredible close-up shots of the penetration adds to the horniness of the scene. Watch more of it at Vintage Gay Loops

Sparky O’Toole

Sparky O’Toole was a lad we sure enjoyed watching in gay porn back in the pre-condom days. A great bottom, he was born back in 1967 and made some fine movies including The Young Cadets, Big Boys of Summer, Hard Rock High and The Big One to name but a few. Sadly, young Sparky died as a result of AIDS in 1999. You can see some of his work at Channel 1

Al Parker, Casey Donovan, Chad Benson and Dick Fisk

We can never get enough of three of the gay porn stars on show here – little but hung Dick Fisk, bearded superstud Al Parker and blond Casey Donovan. You gotta feel sorry for Chad Benson with all that star power around – you almost forget he’s there. In a scene from the first of The Other Side of Aspen series, the four guys get it on and Donovan ends up getting his ass fucked here from bearded Parker while Fisk feeds him his beautiful fat cock. Watch the film now at Falcon Studios

Peter Berlin

Hailing from an aristocratic family in Europe (a family that included photographer George Hoyningen-Huene), Peter Berlin was probably an unlikely gay porn star. But he was something of a sensation in the pre-condom vintage gay porn era of the 1970s.

Born in 1942, he became much more than a sex star though – including a photographer, artist, filmmaker, fashion designer and model. He may have made some great sex movies but he was also a master of erotica.

His 70s movie hits were Nights in Black Leather and That Boy (the latter saw him billed as Peter Burian). In 2005, Jim Tushinski produced a feature-length documentary on him – That Man: Peter Berlin.

More of Toby

A week or two back we featured the totally amazing Toby in a solo video scene shot for the legendary Colt Studios (which has a ton of pix and clips of him) and shortly after posting it found a fine pic of this handsome stud.

Dressed in his cut-offs and again outdoors, it shows him bare-chested and his dick just poking out.

Whether you’ve seen his work or not, you can tell that he’s a man sporting an uncut cock and a very large one at that. You can also tell he can’t wait to get that denim off and shove his cock down your throat…


Cal Sinclair

If you like bodybuilders, get your cocks out and start wanking along to this scene featuring Cal Sinclair from the Colt Studios Legendary Bodies series. Set outdoors as usual, the Colt cameras catch him flexing his gigantic arms while donning a skimpy posing pouch. But once Cal finds the pool, that pouch soon comes off…

Restroom threesome

One of your friendly bloggers has a real passion for sex in public restrooms, long ago losing count of the number of cocks he’s sucked and assholes he’s fucked in them. One of the best sessions involved at least eight or nine other guys in the early hours of a winter morning, on his knees sucking dick and drinking cum. This threesome may not be as big – in terms of numbers involved – but it prompts happy memories. We hope it does for you too… Watch the scene in full at Vintage Gay Loops

Ed Horst

Meet classic Colt Studios gay porn star Ed Horst, who we feature here in a solo session. Ed’s sporting his favorite leather gear, sunglasses and the unshaven look that’s of course back in fashion today. Ed filmed several scenes with Colt but we particularly enjoy this one because of the close-ups we get of his delicious cock and hairy arse. To us, waking up to find him in bed would be the ultimate present…


Ahhhh, Buster. It was easy to confuse him with Jeremy Scott and Kip Noll thanks to his mass of wavy blond hair but he was in a class of his own. Originally from Virginia, he headlined a number of great gay pornos in his time, topping and bottoming along the way. Late in his life he ran for a council seat in West Hollywood but three years later, in 1991, he died of heart failure. Fortunately he’s left us some horny work, including the movies Buster Goes To Laguna, Sailor in the Wild and The Big Surprise. Watch some of them online at Channel 1

Owen Moore

We’ve got another in the Legendary Bodies series from Colt Studios today and this outing features the huge Owen Moore. Set outdoors and with water pouring over his mountainous body, Owen flexes his muscles naked for all you fans of bodybuilders. But one problem with huge men is that their dicks look so small when they’re soft!

Jan De Werd

Back in the 1970s, Playgirl magazine was trying to be terribly respectable by refusing to print pictures of men with erections.

However, Jan De Werd – who was the magazine’s Man of the Month for November 1975 – was getting close to it in this fine picture.

It doesn’t just show that he has an ample, suckable cut cock – it also reveals that he had awesome abs and pecs. Jan told the mag that he enjoyed the outdoor life and letting the sun get to his naked body… Yum!


It’s funny how fashions come and go. Some years ago in the vintage gay porn era beards were the in thing – and we’re not talking here about people who were on hand to try to conceal their so-called partner’s sexual orientation! Then all that facial hair was thought to be terribly old school and ended up the preserve of old men and professors. Now they’re back – and we’re more than happy with that.

Bob Duffy

Colt Studios brings us a sexy young man in the shape of Bob Duffy here, a blond with a body that’s been finely honed in the gym. Bob’s solo originally appeared on the release Buckshot Minute Man Series 7: Rawhide Roundup and he’s filmed in the sunshine out of doors. Some great camera work gives us close-up shots of his handsome cock and cum-heavy, plump balls just waiting to empty their load…

Tony Nero

Why did we never get to meet Tony Nero? How we would’ve loved a mouthful of his giant uncut dick, working our tongues and lips up and down his stiff shaft and sucking him until he unloaded his spunk down our throats? We’re sure we’re not alone either… Tony put in some great shoots for the cameras, appearing for Target Studios and in mags like Advocate Men and Honcho among others during the vintage porn era of the 1980s. At times he was bearded, at others shaven. Either way, he was awesome.

George Payne

George Payne‘s pictures sometimes show him with a beard and a hairy chest, at other times he’s clean-shaven. Personally, we think he always looked best with the hair intact. What about you guys? A porn star in the vintage 70s and 80s – both in gay and straight movies – he appeared in a number of movies including the classic Centurions of Rome. A true man’s man!


Ben is a fine gentleman, photographed in his prime back in the vintage porn era of the 1980s. He looks like a cross between Jon King and JW King to us – and smokin’ hot with it. Ben has a great hairy chest and a truly hairy butt and thighs too – all natural and just how we like our men. Just imagine getting your tongue between those cheeks…