George Payne

George Payne‘s pictures sometimes show him with a beard and a hairy chest, at other times he’s clean-shaven. Personally, we think he always looked best with the hair intact. What about you guys? A porn star in the vintage 70s and 80s – both in gay and straight movies – he appeared in a number of movies including the classic Centurions of Rome. A true man’s man!


Ben is a fine gentleman, photographed in his prime back in the vintage porn era of the 1980s. He looks like a cross between Jon King and JW King to us – and smokin’ hot with it. Ben has a great hairy chest and a truly hairy butt and thighs too – all natural and just how we like our men. Just imagine getting your tongue between those cheeks…

Brian Maxon

A lean and mean fucking machine with a 7-inch cut cock, handsome Brian Maxon was a sexy blond gay porn performer in the 1980s.

He had a knack of appearing in what turned out to be real fan favorites including Splash Shots, Two Handfuls and the bisexual film The Big Switch, working for directors of quality like Matt Sterling.

Working also as Brian Maxx, he appeared in a string of naked wrestling movies.

Some of Brian’s movies are available to watch at Falcon Studios

Scott Avery and his buddies

It was said by many – and rightly so in our view – that Scott Avery had one of the finest butts in gay porn back in the 1980s. And when it was being fucked by some handsome stud or other, it was even finer. Handsome and ripped, he appeared in a number of films include Hot Male Mechanics and A Matter of Size. But these action shots come from the Falcon movie Spring Training and a scene that begins with students Scott and Tad Brady sucking each other off before coach Bull Matthews arrives to teach them the art of man fucking…

Sucking in the lounge

While some of the movies that Vintage Gay Loops has saved for posterity can be pretty poor quality (and we’re talking here about the film stock), this clip has survived the test of time well. A couple of moustachioed jocks, home alone and getting intimate in the sitting room during the colourful 1970s. They swap BJs as they gradually strip out of their clothes to reveal smooth, fit bodies…

Richard Locke

There are times when writing this blog becomes very difficult because instead of typing we just wanna get our hands around our cocks and jack one load after another. Such is the problem when researching Richard Locke.

This incredible bearded bear, born in California in 1941, became a fixture of director Joe Gage’s trilogy – Kansas City Trucking Co, El Paso Wrecking Co and LA Tool & Die.

And oh, didn’t we want that handsome cock of his in our mouths…

Sadly, Richard died as a result of AIDS in 1996.

Jocks and socks

There are plenty of gay men out there in the big wide world and plenty of fetishes. Here’s one for those who love to see a guy in a jock (we’re fans too) but also wearing socks (not sure on that one) – but nothing else other than a hard cock. It’s a solo scene so why not finish off your day┬áby wanking along to this handsome guy? See more of him at Vintage Gay Loops

Steven Kaye and David Dodge

How times change. These days, radio studios are all digital, hi-tech wonders but back when we first started buying music it was all on vinyl and DJs spinned those discs… However, we doubt that our favorite DJs back then were doing what vintage gay models Steven Kaye and David Dodge are up to in their studio. Once the show’s over, these two get into some serious sex… And FYI, this is a spread from a 1983 edition of Playguy.

Todd Baron

Here was a guy who regularly cropped up in our jack-off fantasies – brunette jock Todd Baron.

There are, sadly, not a huge number of scenes starring this delicious young man but among our favorites was his outing with Tim Kramer in the Falcon movie Style.

Todd had come-to-bed blue eyes, a willing arsehole and a sexy hard dick that graced the famous movie Man to Man Heat too.

Watch Todd in all his glory at Falcon Studios

Ron Pearson

What’s the definition of a pig bottom? Well, for a while in the 1980s it would have to be Ron Pearson! Here was a model who could take anything up his ass – whether it be a nice big cock or a huge dildo (as the pix here confirm). He made a lot of films for Falcon Studios, among others, including Winners, Perfect Summer and Style. Ron was born in about 1959 but sadly died as a result of AIDS complications in 2001 but during his life traveled a great deal and also ran his own porn production outfit, Celsius. See more of Ron at Falcon

Hairy twink fucked raw

It’s pretty unusual to see a sexy twink with so much fur but get a glimpse of our handsome bottom here as he opens his butt cheeks and lets his buddy guide his cock into his hole for a bareback fuck. Yep, he’s a hairy boy – not on his chest but certainly around his ass, balls and thighs. Yummy! We imagine he’d be asked to shave it all off by porn directors today, which is one reason why vintage gay porn is sometimes so much better. Catch more now at Vintage Gay Loops

Black superstars

Any self respecting gay man would look first at a guy’s dick but confronted by these three men from the vintage gay porn era, we admit we couldn’t take our eyes off the hair in the pic on the left. Now that is hair to be proud of and as reminiscent of the 1970s as The Waltons… All three dudes are as hot as fuck, with fine knobs and fit bodies. Can we play with all of them please?

Eric Ryan

Star of gay and bi porn over the pre-condom era, Eric Ryan was one gorgeous hunk of manhood. Nicely muscled and with a delicious fat and cut cock and awesome pecs, there are countless magazine spreads of him while during his career he worked with the likes of HIS Video, Laguna Pacific, Hand-in-Hand Films and Vivid. Look out for him in The Boys of Venice, Job Site and Century Mining among many others! We just love watching him fuck ass…

Mark Rutter

It’s no wonder that Mark Rutter was such a fan favorite back in the days of vintage gay porn. Bearded and all-man, one of his outstanding features was a huge and fat uncut cock that many of us dreamed about in our wank fantasies. Mark, who also had pierced nipples, worked with several outfits during his porn career, including Colt Studios, and there’s a classic scene too with him doing it with Al Parker of Surge Studios.

Doug Perry

Some guys just love the Colt Studios model Doug Perry but while he sure was a handsome fella, to us his muscles are just a bit too overpowering! You wouldn’t stand much of a chance if you had this bodybuilder’s vast thighs clamped around your neck – even if you were happily distracted by his fat cut cock. Doug was featured in Colt’s Legendary Bodies series and he flexes those legendary muscles for you here.

Eat my ass…

These guys sure love their ass play… Locked together in the bedroom, the lovers kiss like their lives depend on it before switching to their holes. One eats his buddy long and deep, the other gives his friend’s butt a good fingering. It’s all limbering up to the main event, a slow and sensuous bareback fuck. Watch lots more at Vintage Gay Loops

Erron, Ledermeister and Tom Lee

Out in the wild west and near a deserted homestead, Colt Studios legends Erron, Ledermeister and Tom Lee are tugging at their leather and denim in the quest for their cocks… It all began with Tom cycling across the desert and coming across Ledermeister thumbing a ride. Then, riding along, they find Erron with his broken down car. Of course, one thing leads to another and this fast-moving sex scene is the result. Quality stuff from Colt Studios, which has the scene in full


When we were young we struggled to find anyone with a foreskin but when we did it was an endless cause of fascination. One of us has fond memories of his first uncut cock, chewing on the hood and getting his tongue inside – and sending his fuck buddy wild in the process. As these vintage gay porn pix show, there were plenty of lads out there who were uncut although doubtless some of them were Europeans. Our question is, where were they hiding? Interesting too to see the Asian studs – we struggle to find many old pix of Asian guys…

Jack Burke

It’s a bit of a tragedy that so much gay porn is lost to us from the vintage era and a lot of what survives is often poor quality. For example, we really enjoyed movies with Jack Burke but there are precious few good quality pix of him around – so we apologize for the quality here. Jack was the star of such movies as Brothers Should Do It and These Bases Are Loaded – and he had a huge uncut cock too. Channel 1 has some of his movies online that you can watch

Brett Ford, Matt Gunther, Randy Mixer and Tad Bronson

We’re probably stretching the term ‘vintage’ to its limits here but we just had to feature Matt Gunther on the blog at some point. We totally fell in love with this ripped jock when we first saw him in a solo magazine spread – in those days as a youngster he was so totally gorgeous that we wanked ourselves senseless over those pix until the pages were stuck together with dried cum. He went on to make numerous films but tragically succumbed to AIDS in 1997. In this foursome, he’s joined by Brett Ford, Randy Mixer and Tad Bronson and you can see it in all its glory at Falcon Studios

Matt Ramsey – take 2

We make no apology for featuring Matt Ramsey again – the man who went on to make straight porn using the name Peter North. Compared with his straight output, there’s a limited number of movies available to enjoy in which he sucks cock, fucks ass and (rarely) gets fucked himself. Still, in his young days he was a dream to watch and had an ample cock. At one point North was under investigation in the famous case in which Traci Lords was allegedly having sex on film under age – he’d been a scene partner of hers but the case was eventually dropped.

Three’s company

Unless you’re very slow on the uptake, the theme of today’s vintage gay porn pix is three. But while two of them show three young men getting friendly and with limp if handsome cocks, the other is major hardcore – a double penetration scene. Two raw cocks fucking a very capable asshole. It’s not something we’ve ever done as bottoms and we do admire those that can manage it. Maybe one day…

Tom Lee

Tom Lee was a typical Colt Studios man mountain but smokin’ hot with it and in this solo scene he’s clearly been raiding his cupboard for leather gear and toys. And they come in handy with the Prince Albert on his cock as he chains it up and tugs away. Indeed, quite a few of the surviving movies and photoshoots featuring Tom at Colt Studios have him making use of that PA and chain – and we all appreciate a bit of novelty in porn.

Lee Ryder threesome

Yum yum. More of Lee Ryder now – and who can resist this hung superstar? He’s got two boys to play around with and it comes as no surprise that he’s gonna be topping. We get some nice close-up shots of Lee teasing his bottom’s asshole and sliding his bare dick deep into him, his heavy and low-hanging balls slapping away on his butt. Lee’s the type of guy that makes us wish we were in gay porn back in his day, offering up our butts to his giant cock. Watch more of him fucking at Vintage Gay Loops

Bob Randall and Moose

Two of Colt Studio’s biggest and best from the pre-condom era come together in the hot tub for a fab sex scene now – it’s Bob Randall and Moose. Furry and built, these two make for the ideal couple as they get into the action – with some underwater cocksucking to kick things off. The guys deliver up a fuck in the tub before finding dry land to continue their sexual adventures, with Bob getting fucked. Unbeatable!

Jamie Wingo and Jon King

Back to the early 1980s now and a pairing we know and love well – Jamie Wingo and Jon King. Boyish Jamie was an absolute dream and anyone who follows this blog will know full well that we have always had the major hots for ‘tached Mr King. We love the pix of Jamie treating Jon’s cock to the attention it deserves… But it gets better when Jamie fucks Jon. True stars of the vintage gay porn era

Lee Ryder solo

We’ve featured the late, great Lee Ryder a couple of times on the blog but we’re never gonna turn away a chance to feature him again. This slim but hung guy was one of the biggest stars of his time and it’s not difficult to see why. We always thought there was something a little edgy about him and his performances and then, of course, there was that giant dick. Watch him playing with it here and cum along with him… See more of Lee now at Falcon Studios

Dildo dudes

A nice hard uncut cock and a long, slow suck kick this pre-condom scene off but the office desk has a surprise in store. Out comes a huge dildo from the drawer and in it goes to a tight asshole after getting covered in a load of creamy lube. But we know that dildo ain’t gonna be around for long – that cock needs to find a home… See the scene in full at Vintage Gay Loops

Dick Trask and Erron

For all you fans of Erron out there (or Jeremy Brent as he was also known), here’s a scene with him that also features Dick Trask from those generous guys at Colt Studios. Not that you get to see much of him in this preview clip because his arsehole is the clear focus of attention. That’s fine with us – we rather enjoying watching that furry, lubed hole being teased by that nice, thick dildo as he keeps his legs in the air!

Hank Ditmar

They don’t come much hotter than sexy Hank Ditmar.

A star with Colt Studios, Hank was hairy, built, ‘tached and as handsome as fuck.

He made several appearances for the studio but among the finest is the scene where he gets fucked by Mark Rutter.

If only all gay men looked like him…