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Mark Christian

We had to stop ourselves shooting a load or two within moments of watching Mark Christian at work, half naked in leather and using those leather tools to turn himself on. Hairy from top to toe and with a nice big cut cock that we can only dream of licking and sucking, he’s the perfect man. This scene comes from the Colt Studios movie Genuine Leather

Joe Nyland

If we were looking to get fucked by a gay porn stud, there are quite a few we’d have on our shortlist. One would be Joe Nyland. This Colt Studios model had it all – a hairy body, great looks, the right amount of muscle and a cock that looked like it would fit perfectly. What a dream – masculinity at its absolute finest!

Grafton Burke, Hank and Steve

We do have a soft spot (so to speak) for those Colt films shot by Rip Colt and released in his Home Movies collection that are pure erotica. We’ve said before that sometimes porn doesn’t give us the opportunity to really appreciate the beauty of the naked male body. Well here we do get the chance as Rip’s camera lovingly films Grafton Burke, Hank and Steve as they walk and play on the beach, their handsome cocks swinging around with them. Yum!

Josh Kincaid and Bruno

It may not be the best quality but this impressive vintage gay porn scene features two of the biggest and best models of the era – Bruno and Josh Kincaid. Bruno is of course the dark and hairy muscle stud of the two, but both give as good as they get in their outdoor fuck session. Fortunately for those who like such things, there’s plenty of ass play and rimming and Josh sucks his partner like his life depends on it… See the scene in full at Vintage Gay Loops

Bill Cable/Stoner

Bill Cable was furry and totally delicious – a shame, then, that he was straight.

Known as Stoner in his work for Colt, he had a chubby cut cock and posed naked for several leading photographers during the late 60s and into the 70s.

This picture comes from his shoot with Playgirl in 1974 – he appeared in the March edition.

Sadly, Bill died in a motorbike accident in the late 1990s.

Josh, Mike and Werner Robles

The Best Laid Plans… it’s the title of this Colt Studios threesome and sums up perfectly what can happen when you get three men loaded with cum in one room with good intentions but a need to let that cum fly. Josh, Mike and Werner Robles are the builders and the client who get distracted from the plans with some impressive cocks and assholes. And it’s good to see a fireplace coming in handy with their sex games…

Hank Ditmar and Mark Rutter

Two great porn stars from the Colt Studios stable star together here – Mark Rutter and Hank Ditmar. Hairy and moustachioed, Hank was a real dreamboat – who we find in an unconventional position here. Upside down, legs splayed, Mark is feasting on his cock. And we don’t need to tell you that when Mark has a cock to suck, he goes at it with real gusto! Enjoy more of the action with these two at Colt Studios

Ledermeister and his bike

There’s some amazing wildlife you can spot in the hills and forests, as long as you have a little patience. The cream of the crop would have to be Ledermeister, who we spot here with his monstrous bike. Fortunately, this rare species likes to ride around stark naked, flashing his muscles and fur. And if you’re really lucky, he’ll dismount and stroke his cock until he’s shooting a load… See more of this horny scene at Colt Studios

Big cocks and the beach

With summer at its height, at least for those of us in the northern hemisphere, thoughts inevitably turn to the beach and this collection of vintage scenes from Colt features some fine, built and hung men enjoying a naked walk or two along the seashore, the sun beating down on their awesome physiques. Again, this doesn’t feature hardcore sex but gives us the chance to appreciate male beauty in all its glory, men such as Grafton Burke, Ledermeister and Richard Sternberger. See lots more like this at Colt Studios

Dick Trask and Michael David

This clip is taken from the Colt Studios film called Pool Service and features Dick Trask and Michael David. Bearded and hairy, Dick filmed a number of scenes with Colt but his partner here, Michael David, did little else as far as we know – and is surprisingly young for a Colt performer of the time. They frolic around in the pool naked, showing off their handsome bodies, before Michael moves poolside and Dick goes in for a juicy suck…

Brad Peters and Jamie Wingo

Some pix now from another of those classic William Higgins movies of the pre-condom era – this one is Brothers Should Do It. And with a title like that, it’s supposed to be a story of brotherly love. Jon King and JW King were the stars but in reality were not related… These pix though feature Brad Peters and Jamie Wingo in a thrilling poolside fling that we remember wanking along to very well. Brad is the hairy and hung one, Jamie a famous twink of vintage gay porn days who made plenty of hot movies. See more of the boys and the movie now at Channel 1

Steve Kolega

We took one look at Playgirl model Steve Kolega and thought immediately of actor Tom Selleck.

But we don’t think Tom had a hairdo quite as horrific as Steve’s, even at its worst.

Steve is one of the older of the magazine’s models from the vintage era but he obviously has a touch of class – the Playgirl man of the month for July 1980 was pictured in and around a fancy Rolls Royce.

Bruno in the shower

One for fans of bears out there in vintage gay porn land. It’s hairy bodybuilder Bruno taking a shower and stroking his handsome cock for us. Bruno comes from Cuba and is one of those porn stars who fortunately survived beyond the pre-condom era. His porn career really took off when he was photographed first by Jon Target and then Rip Colt, leading to a long career with Colt and plenty of other studios. See more of the shower scene at Colt Studios

Will Seagers and a Weekend Lockup

We’ve featured the legendary Al Parker a few times on the vintage gay porn stars blog so the focus of this entry is Will Seagers – a moustachioed stallion who worked for studios like Bullet, HIS Video and Falcon in the 70s and 80s. Will was hung although not as big as his co-star Parker and was a nicely versatile performer. The pix here feature Parker, who’s been arrested for indecent exposure, and officers Roy and Will in a scene from the classic movie Weekend Lockup. You can see the video at Falcon Studios

Bruno on the beach

Celebrate the muscled and hairy beauty of the legendary man mountain Bruno today in this horny beach wank session. Filmed for the legendary Colt Studios, as many of his best scenes were, it showcases his stunning body and hard uncut prick. You can find this episode on the DVD compilation The Best of Colt Films – Parts 7 & 8, which also shows Bruno in a horny sex session with delicious Toby.


tumblr_mm799nzZKi1qdfsh0o1_500 tumblr_mk9p96OfMh1qdfsh0o1_500 tumblr_mpe5f9f0tx1qdfsh0o1_500

The title of the post sums it up – these three pix are linked by body hair of one form or another. Not all on the chest either. One of our vintage models is sporting a particularly hairy pair of legs, and we know that some of you find that a real turn-on. Do we? Not so much as a fine chest covered in a carpet of fur.

Down by the pool…

It’s one of those sunny days and down by the pool two men are feeling the heat. And what better way to sort it than be getting even sweatier – and sucking and fucking through the afternoon… See more at Vintage Gay Loops

Antonio Contrelle

More from the archives of that great mag Playgirl now, which has long brought us great pix of the hottest men – whether porn stars or just regular models.

This stunningly handsome dude is Antonio Contrelle, who featured in the July 1981 edition – and who was also named the Playgirl Man of the Year for 1982. You don’t have to look too closely to understand why.

We love this pic of him lazing on the bed, showing off his furry body and sexy and soft uncut cock.

Butch Barnes

We see classic Colt Studios man Butch Barnes as a construction worker in these glorious photos. Hairy and, well, butch, we’d be very happy to meet him and service his dick on a building site. Butch filmed a classic sex scene for Fox Studios called Furlough, in which he appeared with Jeff York. At the time, they were both allegedly Marines. He’s certainly all man whatever job he takes…

Clint Lockner and Bruno

Celebrate two of the greatest names in vintage porn and two great Colt performers – it’s Bruno and Clint Lockner. If you didn’t know, Lockner was a real-life cop who just happened to love cock and filming porno and here he gets to feel what it’s like to be fucked by the remarkably furry and talented muscle stud Bruno. The scene is titled Lockner’s Key and these days it’s available on the compilation The Best of Colt Films – Parts 3 & 4 if you fancy the DVD.

Michael Braun

One look at the photos and it’s clear that stunning Michael Braun ain’t gonna appeal to fans of smooth twinks! In this photo set, we get to see the heavily carpeted star having a good old wank to a dirty magazine – something we’ve done many times. If you want to see him having sex on film, try to track down a copy of the 80s porno Screenplay.



Here’s a man who’ll have you creaming your pants – it’s Colt gay porn star Moose.

He’s got so much going for him that it can’t help but make you envious – abs to die for, a chest and belly covered in fur and a truly handsome cock.

We’ve seen him on DVD fucking with Bob Randall in a hot tub in one Colt movie but we thought you should just enjoy seeing him alone and in all his stunning glory. There are more free pix here

Lou Zivkovich

Beefy bear Lou Zivkovich was a player with the Calgary Stampeders in the Canadian Football League – but caused controversy when he appeared in the July 1974 edition of Playgirl magazine.

Shot in Hawaii, this was the time before erections in Playgirl but even so the school in California where he taught fired him because they said his photoshoot set a bad example to his students.

However, he later went on to appear with Mae West in a TV special called Dick Cavett’s Backlot USA.

Josh, Pat and Terry

Mainstream films have long had their titles played on by porn makers and some hilarious titles have made it to the screen as a result. This may not be one of them but you don’t have to look too far to find out where Saturday Afternoon Fever came from. Rather than discos and white suits, this threesome from Colt Studios starring Josh, Pat and Terry has plenty of leather and denim with the back of a truck coming in handy for the action…

Chad Douglas orgy

7348_018 7348_004 7348_026

We thought we’d give you a little more of Chad Douglas today, for no other reason than we think he’s one of the greatest of the vintage gay porn stars. Clearly, the size of his prick helps! In this episode from the Falcon Studios movie Spokes II, the bike club is revealed as an all-male sex club. Chad fucks his way through the action, which also features such studs as Jack Lofton, Sean Lawrence, Eric Manchester and Ryan Stone. Awesome!

Leigh Erickson and Chad Douglas

6067_002 6067_005 6067_011

Two big stars of years gone by now – Leigh Erickson and the hairy and very well hung Chad Douglas. This scene is taken from the Falcon Studios movie Giant Splash Shots II and sees Chad over at Leigh’s pool, getting a workout on the weights he keeps poolside. Leigh is more than impressed by his buddy’s flexing muscles, so much so that he’s happy to surrender to Chad’s monster cock. And who wouldn’t?

Dakota, Ken and Roger

From one of Rick Colt’s Sex Rated Home Movie volumes comes this delightful shower scene with Dakota, Ken and Roger. Muscled and furry, they look the part as they cram themselves into the cubicle and soap each other down, paying particular attention to their gradually swelling cocks and cum-heavy and low-hanging balls. If there were a job going to help them with their washing, we’d be there in a flash… Watch the full scene now at Colt Studios

Members Only

Here’s a pre-condom movie with a truly stellar cast. Members Only comes from director William Higgins and includes a juicy hot-tub threesome (center pic) with the stunning Jon King, hairy Greg Hanson and boyish Derrick Stanton. Jon’s in the pic on the right too, doing it with Rick Peters. Greg’s also in the first pic. However, it’s Mr King who’s the star of the show – appearing in three scenes in all including another with the delicious Giorgio Canali. There’s lots more from the movie at Channel 1

Glenn Swann

Here’s a truly beefy stud – Glenn Swann.

He was the star of a number of movies that followed his escapades as a marine in Sgt Swann’s Private Files (which featured an appearance by big guy Rick Donovan) and later after he leaves the corps in Discharged, which also starred Christopher Benson and Tony Bravo.

Supposedly, Swann had been a marine in real life…

Channel 1 has movies and pix of the hairy-chested stallion

Bruno and Shane

Comfort doesn’t seem to be the order of the day when hairy and muscled stallion Bruno gets himself some RnR while out working with Shane in the great outdoors. It’s easy to see why Shane is so willing to get naked and on his knees to give his big buddy a great blowjob but it’s less easy to see why they decide to fuck on a ladder – with Shane lying face down as Bruno pumps his ass with his big cock. Still, who cares when you have a dick like that and one of the hottest gay porn stars ever pounding you… Watch more at Vintage Gay Loops