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Time for some more random photos from the vintage era, and the theme today is fur. Admittedly, the guy in the middle is only lightly furry, but he’s bloody gorgeous at the same time. Sex and more hair frames him, good hard man sex with hot bears. Unbeatable.

Nick Rogers and Rocco Rizzoli

We’ve said it before but in case you’re new to the blog, Rocco Rizzoli was perhaps better known in the industry as Giorgio Canali. But whatever the name, he was one of the big boys of gay porn, packing a huge hooded dick that could do a lot of damage in the wrong hands (or ass). Here he is in a scene from the Colt Studios archives with willing Nick Rogers.

Julio Campas and Lars Lundig

Julio Campas is the studly delivery man whose working day is gonna take a turn for the better when he tries to deliver a package to Lars Lundig. He finds his customer by the pool and stark naked too. You can’t blame Julio for dumping his duties for the day and getting down and dirty with handsome and horny Lars. This is a scene called The Big Box from the Best of Colt Films Volume 1.

Glen Steers

We don’t normally like being stopped by a cop but if that officer was hunky Glen Steers, we’d make an exception. Especially if he pulled out that cock and insisted on fucking us by the side of the road. Glen was a typical Colt Studios man and sadly he’s no longer with us. But at least we have these pix to remember him fondly by, and to wank over.

Gunnar Hyde and Kirby Scott

Sometimes he went by the name Gunnar, sometimes Gunner. Either way, Gunnar Hyde was one of the hottest of all the Colt Studios men in history. With a beautifully defined body, covered in a thick mat of fur, and with a long, long cock. He made a number of appearances with Colt but in this outing appears with sexy young Kirby Scott in a horny gym fuck. Shame about the shocking soundtrack!

Ed Wiley and Mark Rutter

What a naughty pair of men are Mark Rutter and Ed Wiley. They’ve broken into a house and helped themselves to a bottle or two of wine, the effect of which leaves them both horny as hell. So out pops Ed’s huge dong and down it goes into Mark’s willing and able mouth. Ed delivers a prime rimming and also serves up a mouthful of cum for his buddy. Classic gay porn it is too from Colt Studios with a handsome dose of foreskin.

Ed Dinakos and Jake Tanner

A month or two back we featured the real-life lovers Ed Dinakos and Jake Tanner and because we love them so much as a couple, we can’t resist bringing them back for more. We meet them today out on the ranch, dumping work for the day for some serious sex. And does it get any better than seeing Ed going down on his hairy-chested and muscular buddy, working his awesome cock with his eager mouth? Watch the full scene now at Colt Studios

More of Ed Wiley

Many of us no doubt have had plenty of experience when it comes to getting fucked (we have for a start). But there are some guys you look at and wonder whether on earth you’d ever manage to be able to take their cocks at full mast. One of them is Ed Wiley – one of the great stars of the vintage gay porn era and a guy we’ve featured a few times before on the blog. But Ed’s dick is such an impressive weapon that we just can’t resist featuring more pix of him. Brace yourselves…

Butch Barnes and Killer Joe

Another classy vintage porn scene from Colt Studios featuring beefy Butch Barnes and Killer Joe. We join them as they’re working on their prize motorbike but things move on swiftly from there as the guys swap their tools for the meaty variety. They’re big guys who love making out, eating ass, fucking a tight and hairy hole and sucking on plump cock.

Ivan Duncan

One of the great things about vintage gay porn is that the men were so natural. As we’ve said before, there was far less all-over body shaving going on back in the 70s and 80s when men like Ivan Duncan here were being filmed and photographed. And they look all the better for it. Ivan’s hairy and low-hanging balls would be a treat to lick and suck for a start. He appeared in the December 1986 edition of In Touch magazine.

Up in the mountains

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Up in the mountains, the wild men are at play. As the sun beats down, these two fine specimens of manhood strip, suck face, suck cock and fuck ass. Which is just how it should be.

Clint Lockner, Mark Rutter and Mike Davis

We’ve said it before but we’re happy to repeat it – Mike Davis is one fucking horny porn star! Just look at him in this threesome from Colt Studios – eating ass while he’s having his hole fucked, licking a cop’s nightstick as it’s about to plunder another ass. Yes, in this outing with Clint Lockner and Mark Rutter, he sure does shine as a cock-hungry sex pig. What a star!

Jack Hacker and Mickey Squires

Jack Hacker and Mickey Squires may well have ended up with carpet burn after this afternoon gay sex session for the Colt Studios cameras. But their sacrifice will not have been in vain because they deliver a great show and look fuckin’ hot as they fuck. There’s some fine close up shots of the studs shooting their loads, and of cum dribbling over their incredible physiques.

The best type of pool party…

Torso-Magazine-Pool-Party-Spread-by-Charlie-Airwaves-in-September-1987-11 Torso-Magazine-Pool-Party-Spread-by-Charlie-Airwaves-in-September-1987-9 Torso-Magazine-Pool-Party-Spread-by-Charlie-Airwaves-in-September-1987-6

Clint Lockner and Bruno revisited

We’ve seen Clint Lockner and Bruno having great sex before on the blog but here’s another clip, just to keep your dicks good and hard! Taken from a Colt Studios movie, this excerpt has some lovingly shot imagery of these studs’ fine and hefty cocks and also perfectly showcases Bruno’s intensely hairy physique. Yum!

Bruce Craig and Ralph Whitaker

Here’s a Colt Studios scene that’s a bit different to what we often used to see from them back in the vintage era – a daddy and son session. Yep, unless you tell us different, we don’t recall them being a regular feature of their output then (you see rather more of it these days). Our horny pair are Bruce Craig and Ralph Whitaker.

Kurt Bauer and cock sucking

We don’t think there’s any doubt that Kurt Bauer loved working out and lifting weights. You just have to look at his chest – a fabulously hairy chest too – to realise that. And for a real man’s man, Kurt was quite happy to bend over and get fucked as well. He appeared in plenty of mags during his porn career as well as Catalina movies like The Big Ones and Down for the Count. You can watch them at Channel 1

Judd Cooper

Fuck! There’s no other word to say when you get a look at Judd Cooper. This bearded, muscled and hairy stallion has got our juices flowing – and no doubt the juices of many other fans of the typical Colt Studios man from the golden age of gay porn. Judd’s all cowboy, happy to strip out of his gear on the ranch and pose with his fully erect cock. We just wish we were around at the shoot so he could fuck us.

Ed Dinakos and Jake Tanner

There was a time when Jake Tanner and Ed Dinakos were an item. And few more perfect couples we struggle to imagine! When these two bundles of muscle and fur stripped down and got to work on each other, it was time to pull out your own cocks and get wanking with them. They’re not really as vintage as most men we feature on this site, admittedly, but they were so damn hot as Colt sex stars that we make no excuses for featuring them!

Paul Baressi

Gay porn has thrown up plenty of characters over the years and up there must be Paul Baressi. Born in 1949, he was a regular on the porn scene in the 1970s and 1980s and starred in gay, straight and bi productions. At one point, he filmed for Colt. And while he identifies as straight, that didn’t stop him claiming to have had an affair with John Travolta – although he later retracted the story. Subsequently, Baressi went on to make numerous gay XXX films as a director, appeared as a legit actor, worked as a private detective and cropped up in other celeb scandals linked to Eddie Murphy and Michael Jackson.

Ed Horst

Meet classic Colt Studios gay porn star Ed Horst, who we feature here in a solo session. Ed’s sporting his favorite leather gear, sunglasses and the unshaven look that’s of course back in fashion today. Ed filmed several scenes with Colt but we particularly enjoy this one because of the close-ups we get of his delicious cock and hairy arse. To us, waking up to find him in bed would be the ultimate present…


It’s funny how fashions come and go. Some years ago in the vintage gay porn era beards were the in thing – and we’re not talking here about people who were on hand to try to conceal their so-called partner’s sexual orientation! Then all that facial hair was thought to be terribly old school and ended up the preserve of old men and professors. Now they’re back – and we’re more than happy with that.

Tony Nero

Why did we never get to meet Tony Nero? How we would’ve loved a mouthful of his giant uncut dick, working our tongues and lips up and down his stiff shaft and sucking him until he unloaded his spunk down our throats? We’re sure we’re not alone either… Tony put in some great shoots for the cameras, appearing for Target Studios and in mags like Advocate Men and Honcho among others during the vintage porn era of the 1980s. At times he was bearded, at others shaven. Either way, he was awesome.

George Payne

George Payne‘s pictures sometimes show him with a beard and a hairy chest, at other times he’s clean-shaven. Personally, we think he always looked best with the hair intact. What about you guys? A porn star in the vintage 70s and 80s – both in gay and straight movies – he appeared in a number of movies including the classic Centurions of Rome. A true man’s man!


Ben is a fine gentleman, photographed in his prime back in the vintage porn era of the 1980s. He looks like a cross between Jon King and JW King to us – and smokin’ hot with it. Ben has a great hairy chest and a truly hairy butt and thighs too – all natural and just how we like our men. Just imagine getting your tongue between those cheeks…

Richard Locke

There are times when writing this blog becomes very difficult because instead of typing we just wanna get our hands around our cocks and jack one load after another. Such is the problem when researching Richard Locke.

This incredible bearded bear, born in California in 1941, became a fixture of director Joe Gage’s trilogy – Kansas City Trucking Co, El Paso Wrecking Co and LA Tool & Die.

And oh, didn’t we want that handsome cock of his in our mouths…

Sadly, Richard died as a result of AIDS in 1996.

Steven Kaye and David Dodge

How times change. These days, radio studios are all digital, hi-tech wonders but back when we first started buying music it was all on vinyl and DJs spinned those discs… However, we doubt that our favorite DJs back then were doing what vintage gay models Steven Kaye and David Dodge are up to in their studio. Once the show’s over, these two get into some serious sex… And FYI, this is a spread from a 1983 edition of Playguy.

Mark Rutter

It’s no wonder that Mark Rutter was such a fan favorite back in the days of vintage gay porn. Bearded and all-man, one of his outstanding features was a huge and fat uncut cock that many of us dreamed about in our wank fantasies. Mark, who also had pierced nipples, worked with several outfits during his porn career, including Colt Studios, and there’s a classic scene too with him doing it with Al Parker of Surge Studios.

Erron, Ledermeister and Tom Lee

Out in the wild west and near a deserted homestead, Colt Studios legends Erron, Ledermeister and Tom Lee are tugging at their leather and denim in the quest for their cocks… It all began with Tom cycling across the desert and coming across Ledermeister thumbing a ride. Then, riding along, they find Erron with his broken down car. Of course, one thing leads to another and this fast-moving sex scene is the result. Quality stuff from Colt Studios, which has the scene in full

Bob Randall and Moose

Two of Colt Studio’s biggest and best from the pre-condom era come together in the hot tub for a fab sex scene now – it’s Bob Randall and Moose. Furry and built, these two make for the ideal couple as they get into the action – with some underwater cocksucking to kick things off. The guys deliver up a fuck in the tub before finding dry land to continue their sexual adventures, with Bob getting fucked. Unbeatable!