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Jesse Ditmar

There are some things in porn that really turn us on and for us it’s, perhaps surprisingly, when a guy first pulls off his briefs. That moment of anticipation and revelation is so hot it invariably has us rock hard. Witness this solo from the Colt Studios Minute Man series starring Jesse Ditmar, when he’s leaning against his jeep and tugs them off. Out springs his already erect cock just waiting to be stroked…

Clint Lockner

Clint Lockner was another of the great Colt porn stars of the day, appearing not just in solos but with other great stars like Bruno (that’s him in the middle pic). Ripped, with a handsome cut cock and moustachioed, the story goes that Clint was a cop in LA before getting into porn – and he certainly played a very convincing officer of the law in his movies! Clint was a great performer but unfortunately succumbed to AIDS. See more of him in action at Colt

Joe Falco and Mark Alexander

Here’s a real treat for all you fans of leather and muscle men, from the archives of Colt Studios. It stars Joe Falco and Mark Alexander, a beefier pair of men you couldn’t imagine. The scene is called Fog Bound and was released on the Genuine Leather DVD and it offers some brilliantly filmed oral action and ass play – both fingers and tongues in ass for a start. Mark seems to get off giving his bike a good licking too!

Terry Bunz

Terry Bunz isn’t a guy we remember from the days of vintage gay porn but here he is as a cowboy giving us a wank show at Colt Studios. We’ve not been able to locate anymore of his work, either in video or pix so perhaps this was all he ever did nude for the cameras. Terry has a nice meaty body, smooth but built. Neither does he boast a giant cock – but we know many of you like an average-sized man!

Mark Christian

We had to stop ourselves shooting a load or two within moments of watching Mark Christian at work, half naked in leather and using those leather tools to turn himself on. Hairy from top to toe and with a nice big cut cock that we can only dream of licking and sucking, he’s the perfect man. This scene comes from the Colt Studios movie Genuine Leather

Gunther Keller, Lil’ Shadow and Mike Davis

There are some gay porn scenes that take you right back to the vintage era and this is one of them for us from the team at Colt Studios. Featuring Gunther Keller, Lil’ Shadow and the truly stunning Mike Davis, we recall wanking along to it many many times. Filmed silently, it’s called The Bonus and has our three ranchers sucking and fucking away in the stables. There’s something special here for fans of foreskin too…

More of Rex Morgan

We’ve featured him before but we make no apologies for publishing these fine images of Buck Hayes, the utterly delicious Colt Studios model. Buck, who was also known in the industry as Rex Morgan, must rank as one of the finest specimens of manhood ever to take off his clothes for the cameras. Surely there can’t be any gay man out there who wouldn’t suck that cock?

Joe Nyland

If we were looking to get fucked by a gay porn stud, there are quite a few we’d have on our shortlist. One would be Joe Nyland. This Colt Studios model had it all – a hairy body, great looks, the right amount of muscle and a cock that looked like it would fit perfectly. What a dream – masculinity at its absolute finest!

Grafton Burke, Hank and Steve

We do have a soft spot (so to speak) for those Colt films shot by Rip Colt and released in his Home Movies collection that are pure erotica. We’ve said before that sometimes porn doesn’t give us the opportunity to really appreciate the beauty of the naked male body. Well here we do get the chance as Rip’s camera lovingly films Grafton Burke, Hank and Steve as they walk and play on the beach, their handsome cocks swinging around with them. Yum!

Dick Trask

Take a few minutes out of your day to enjoy the stunning male beauty of Dick Trask, a Colt Studios star who’s out in the sunshine by the pool here. Dick seems to spend an inordinate amount of time drying himself but fortunately for us pays plenty of attention to his plump cut cock and hairy balls. As well as this piece of erotica, Dick filmed some hardcore scenes for the studio with the likes of Erron and Bill Eld.

Josh, Mike and Werner Robles

The Best Laid Plans… it’s the title of this Colt Studios threesome and sums up perfectly what can happen when you get three men loaded with cum in one room with good intentions but a need to let that cum fly. Josh, Mike and Werner Robles are the builders and the client who get distracted from the plans with some impressive cocks and assholes. And it’s good to see a fireplace coming in handy with their sex games…

Hank Ditmar and Mark Rutter

Two great porn stars from the Colt Studios stable star together here – Mark Rutter and Hank Ditmar. Hairy and moustachioed, Hank was a real dreamboat – who we find in an unconventional position here. Upside down, legs splayed, Mark is feasting on his cock. And we don’t need to tell you that when Mark has a cock to suck, he goes at it with real gusto! Enjoy more of the action with these two at Colt Studios

Ledermeister and his bike

There’s some amazing wildlife you can spot in the hills and forests, as long as you have a little patience. The cream of the crop would have to be Ledermeister, who we spot here with his monstrous bike. Fortunately, this rare species likes to ride around stark naked, flashing his muscles and fur. And if you’re really lucky, he’ll dismount and stroke his cock until he’s shooting a load… See more of this horny scene at Colt Studios

Gordon Grant and Marty Palmer

We have fond memories of this gay porn scene featuring Gordon Grant and Marty Palmer – it was one of the earliest all-man sex movies we got to see. And it was thrillingly erotic as well. Marty is the blond sex bomb who tempts Gordon with his gorgeous naked body and hot cock while the boys are on a boat trip. If you fancy catching more, click through to Colt Studios

Dave Lash

Meet Dave Lash – an archetypal Colt man from the great days of vintage gay porn. Muscled, moustachioed and hung, this solo video shows the big guy stroking his fat member. Dave appeared in numerous Colt magazines and calendars as well as the Minute Man video series. He also turned up in a couple of Fox movies and mags too.

Big cocks and the beach

With summer at its height, at least for those of us in the northern hemisphere, thoughts inevitably turn to the beach and this collection of vintage scenes from Colt features some fine, built and hung men enjoying a naked walk or two along the seashore, the sun beating down on their awesome physiques. Again, this doesn’t feature hardcore sex but gives us the chance to appreciate male beauty in all its glory, men such as Grafton Burke, Ledermeister and Richard Sternberger. See lots more like this at Colt Studios


Colt Studios gave us some great men over the years but in terms of hung men, few were bigger than Toby. This truly scrumptious man was born in England but came over to the US of A to show off his giant uncut dick and have sex for the cameras. Although he filmed sex scenes with the likes of Al Parker, here we get to see him in the woods taking a break from hiking to play with his monster member. Apparently, Toby went on to run an antiques shop in California… See lots more of Toby over at Colt

Don and Jim

We do love this piece of Colt Studios erotica featuring the hugely handsome Don and Jim, a pair of beach bums who love being naked together and showing us their perfect bodies and cocks. After a walk on the beach, they get in their buggy with a surf board and head off to find the waves – but on the way they just can’t resist stripping down again!

Dick Trask and Michael David

This clip is taken from the Colt Studios film called Pool Service and features Dick Trask and Michael David. Bearded and hairy, Dick filmed a number of scenes with Colt but his partner here, Michael David, did little else as far as we know – and is surprisingly young for a Colt performer of the time. They frolic around in the pool naked, showing off their handsome bodies, before Michael moves poolside and Dick goes in for a juicy suck…

Denny and Buddy

So here’s cowboy Buddy smoking a ciggie on the beach, naked from the waist down and stroking his handsome cock hard. Is he hoping that someone will come along to help him unload his balls? Whether he is or not, he soon finds deliciously handsome stud Denny walking towards him and showing off a fat bulge in his cut-offs. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to work out what happens next… Watch more of Denny and Buddy at Colt Studios

Mike Betts and Rick Wolfmier

There are some gay porn scenes that clearly stand out from the rest, loaded with an eroticism that is missing from so much of the stuff that’s come on the market over the years. This scene – Hawaiian Heat – stars two of Colt’s biggest names, Mike Betts and Rick Wolfmier and watching them romp on the beach, their delicious cocks bobbing around, and then touching each other gently in the water is an absolute dream. You’d be forgiven for thinking they were real-life lovers – and maybe they were.

Chris Dickerson

Colt hasn’t filmed that many black guys over the years, which is a real pity. But when they do, they really score. Take this session with Chris Dickerson, a famous bodybuilder and one-time Mr Olympia. This clip has this awesome guy wandering around a pool and the gardens, completely naked with the camera catching his beautiful body in the sun. The full scene also features fellow studs John Iverson and Rex and is available at Colt Studios

Denny and Erron

Erron was one of the big stars of 70s gay porn, particularly for Colt where Rip Colt clearly thought a lot of him and filmed him in many sex scenes. In addition, he also worked under the name Jeremy Brent for Target Studios. Erron was born in 1943 but was one of the casualties of AIDS, dying in 1986. This clip we feature today has Erron in a sexy and sultry poolside fuck with another Colt regular, Denny. Watch more of both guys at Colt Studios

Swing those cocks…

Well there are some strange clips out there in the vintage gay porn world. And this is one of them – but it’s also a pretty erotic show! It’s a scene from Rip Colt’s Sex Rated Home Movies and includes a number of different scenes with men – either alone or with others – doing some weird dancing and generally swinging their cocks around in various states of arousal. If that sort of thing gets you hard, you’ll love it! See more dicks dancing at Colt Studios

Stutz sucked

Here’s an odd one from the archives at Colt – odd but a pretty famous scene. Stutz is a moustachioed dude and finds himself lying on the floor with a raging hard-on and an anonymous cop who’s on hand to help him empty his balls by wanking and sucking on his boner. Sensuously filmed, this is an erotic masterpiece in our view. See more of Stutz at Colt Studios

Bruno in the shower

One for fans of bears out there in vintage gay porn land. It’s hairy bodybuilder Bruno taking a shower and stroking his handsome cock for us. Bruno comes from Cuba and is one of those porn stars who fortunately survived beyond the pre-condom era. His porn career really took off when he was photographed first by Jon Target and then Rip Colt, leading to a long career with Colt and plenty of other studios. See more of the shower scene at Colt Studios

Celebrating Tex Murdock

Can you imagine being in the locker room and seeing Tex Murdock? Especially naked, just as he is in the pic here? With his cock hanging limp but plump, promising so much? There are many of us who’d be on our knees as quick as a flash. Bodybuilder Tex, one of the hottest men ever, filmed a few scenes for the likes of Colt Studios and Fox – a Fox movie called Muscle Up is currently available on DVD and it features Tex in a body worship scene with Tom LeDuc.

Denny and Mel Bush

Wow! Who says gay porn can’t be erotic? This Colt Studios outing featuring handsome studs Denny and Mel Bush has it in spades. We love the way the camera lingers over the boys as they make out and explore their bodies, their stunning cocks responding to the attention. It’s fab stuff! Their encounter happens at a Fire Island beach house in the height of summer. See the scene on the DVD compilation The Best of Colt Films – Parts 7 & 8.

Celebrating John Pruitt

Not surprisingly (just look at the guy!), we’ve featured John Pruitt on the blog a couple of times. This classic Colt Studios model had the body of a Greek god, and a cock and butt to match. Coupled with stunning looks and you have a winner in every respect. A DVD of his efforts, called Colt Legendary Bodies, is available – the closest we’ll ever get to having sex with him!

Erron – on reflection

Who can resist another chance to see the beautiful and young gay porn star Erron (or Jeremy Brent as he was also known), slowly but surely stroking himself to a spectacular climax. Filmed for Colt Studios and part of their compilation The Best of Colt Films – Parts 7 & 8, we get Erron twice over as he shows off his awesome physique in front of the mirror and wanks his erection. It’s enough to make us faint!