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Ed Dinakos and Jake Tanner

There was a time when Jake Tanner and Ed Dinakos were an item. And few more perfect couples we struggle to imagine! When these two bundles of muscle and fur stripped down and got to work on each other, it was time to pull out your own cocks and get wanking with them. They’re not really as vintage as most men we feature on this site, admittedly, but they were so damn hot as Colt sex stars that we make no excuses for featuring them!

Bill Curry and Ryan Kilgore

Here are a couple of hot men doing it indoors for the Colt Studios cameras – Bill Curry and Ryan Kilgore. It’s an intense scene too and proves that the pair were really into each other (or had been starved of sex for months!). Ryan made a couple of clips for Colt during his career in porn – and he had a humpy hairy chest as well.

More of Toby

A week or two back we featured the totally amazing Toby in a solo video scene shot for the legendary Colt Studios (which has a ton of pix and clips of him) and shortly after posting it found a fine pic of this handsome stud.

Dressed in his cut-offs and again outdoors, it shows him bare-chested and his dick just poking out.

Whether you’ve seen his work or not, you can tell that he’s a man sporting an uncut cock and a very large one at that. You can also tell he can’t wait to get that denim off and shove his cock down your throat…


Cal Sinclair

If you like bodybuilders, get your cocks out and start wanking along to this scene featuring Cal Sinclair from the Colt Studios Legendary Bodies series. Set outdoors as usual, the Colt cameras catch him flexing his gigantic arms while donning a skimpy posing pouch. But once Cal finds the pool, that pouch soon comes off…

Ed Horst

Meet classic Colt Studios gay porn star Ed Horst, who we feature here in a solo session. Ed’s sporting his favorite leather gear, sunglasses and the unshaven look that’s of course back in fashion today. Ed filmed several scenes with Colt but we particularly enjoy this one because of the close-ups we get of his delicious cock and hairy arse. To us, waking up to find him in bed would be the ultimate present…

Owen Moore

We’ve got another in the Legendary Bodies series from Colt Studios today and this outing features the huge Owen Moore. Set outdoors and with water pouring over his mountainous body, Owen flexes his muscles naked for all you fans of bodybuilders. But one problem with huge men is that their dicks look so small when they’re soft!

Bob Duffy

Colt Studios brings us a sexy young man in the shape of Bob Duffy here, a blond with a body that’s been finely honed in the gym. Bob’s solo originally appeared on the release Buckshot Minute Man Series 7: Rawhide Roundup and he’s filmed in the sunshine out of doors. Some great camera work gives us close-up shots of his handsome cock and cum-heavy, plump balls just waiting to empty their load…

Doug Perry

Some guys just love the Colt Studios model Doug Perry but while he sure was a handsome fella, to us his muscles are just a bit too overpowering! You wouldn’t stand much of a chance if you had this bodybuilder’s vast thighs clamped around your neck – even if you were happily distracted by his fat cut cock. Doug was featured in Colt’s Legendary Bodies series and he flexes those legendary muscles for you here.

Erron, Ledermeister and Tom Lee

Out in the wild west and near a deserted homestead, Colt Studios legends Erron, Ledermeister and Tom Lee are tugging at their leather and denim in the quest for their cocks… It all began with Tom cycling across the desert and coming across Ledermeister thumbing a ride. Then, riding along, they find Erron with his broken down car. Of course, one thing leads to another and this fast-moving sex scene is the result. Quality stuff from Colt Studios, which has the scene in full

Tom Lee

Tom Lee was a typical Colt Studios man mountain but smokin’ hot with it and in this solo scene he’s clearly been raiding his cupboard for leather gear and toys. And they come in handy with the Prince Albert on his cock as he chains it up and tugs away. Indeed, quite a few of the surviving movies and photoshoots featuring Tom at Colt Studios have him making use of that PA and chain – and we all appreciate a bit of novelty in porn.

Bob Randall and Moose

Two of Colt Studio’s biggest and best from the pre-condom era come together in the hot tub for a fab sex scene now – it’s Bob Randall and Moose. Furry and built, these two make for the ideal couple as they get into the action – with some underwater cocksucking to kick things off. The guys deliver up a fuck in the tub before finding dry land to continue their sexual adventures, with Bob getting fucked. Unbeatable!

Dick Trask and Erron

For all you fans of Erron out there (or Jeremy Brent as he was also known), here’s a scene with him that also features Dick Trask from those generous guys at Colt Studios. Not that you get to see much of him in this preview clip because his arsehole is the clear focus of attention. That’s fine with us – we rather enjoying watching that furry, lubed hole being teased by that nice, thick dildo as he keeps his legs in the air!

Hank Ditmar

They don’t come much hotter than sexy Hank Ditmar.

A star with Colt Studios, Hank was hairy, built, ‘tached and as handsome as fuck.

He made several appearances for the studio but among the finest is the scene where he gets fucked by Mark Rutter.

If only all gay men looked like him…

John Pruitt

John Pruitt may have had a muscled body that exuded power but he had the face of an angel – so it’s no wonder that he became one of the most popular of the big Colt Studios men back in the glory days. John was really Jim Yount, a university swimming champion who went on to become a star of the bodybuilding circuit before making his series of stunning softcore films with Colt. This clip shows him on the seashore, running and stripping with his muscles rippling away. And towards the end we catch a nice little shot of his swelling cock…

Bryon Hawkwood, Colt Icon

Byron-Hawkwood-in-a-gay-porn-photo-spread-for-COLT-Studio-Group-6 Byron-Hawkwood-in-a-gay-porn-photo-spread-for-COLT-Studio-Group-8 Byron-Hawkwood-in-a-gay-porn-photo-spread-for-COLT-Studio-Group-12

Byron Hawkwood is one of the men selected for the Colt Icon Series – the cream of the studio’s crop of models, raided from the archive. He’s a guy who screams ‘vintage’ from the top of his big 80s hair to his toes. He may not have the biggest cock in the world but we’d give him a blow job to remember, given the chance. And that ass – it was made for us to eat out…

Greg Kolb

You don’t need us to tell you that Greg Kolb is a fine-looking specimen of manhood. One of the features we’re particularly impressed with is his cock – just look at the amazing mushroom head he’s sporting and imagine that popping your cherry! Greg made a few appearances with Colt Studios – some photoshoots and a duo with Howie Landon in particular. And you can see some more pix here

Gunner Hyde and Killer Joe

Gunner Hyde was a typical Colt man. With a tache, fur and muscles, he cropped up regularly for the studio in the 1980s in magazines and on film and as many have pointed out, had something of the Freddie Mercury look about him. In this scene, he’s paired with hunky Killer Joe and we gotta say that some of the filming of their blowjobs is incredible – so close up you can almost taste those dicks and precum yourself…

Killer Joe

If you keep track of the blog you’ll have seen beefy Killer Joe in action before – doing a fuck scene with Gunner Hyde. We thought, though, that it was time to give him a slot all to himself so he can see his amazing body in all its glory. Beautifully inked, Joe is all man with a nice, hairy bush and fabulous pecs. He can fuck us any time… See more pix of Killer Joe and see him in action with the guys at Colt Studios

Mike Morris

There’s no disputing that Mike Morris was a typical Colt model – beautifully muscled and hairy, he was a classic man’s man. He made a couple of porno appearances in the 1970s and not just for Colt, including the classic Joe Gage movie El Paso Wrecking Corp and Desert Fox. He was also featured in many Colt mags but unfortunately many of them are now out of print. You can see more pix of him free here

Gunner Hyde and Rocco Rizzoli (Giorgio Canali)

There is nothing more confusing than porn stars who change their name depending on the studio they work for. How are we supposed to keep track?! Giorgio Canali was a case in point – that was the name he used at Falcon. At Colt, though, he was known as Rocco Rizzoli. And it’s as Rocco that he appears in this grade A fuck session by the pool with Gunner Hyde. Great 69ing is on show before the boys get into a superbly filmed bareback fuck. Enjoy the full scene now at Colt Studios

Bob Blount, superstar

bobblount9 BobBlount-H0580 BobBlount-006

Those of us who love our men to be men (and who have a thing for vintage gay porn) have long had the hots for Bob Blount – or Lloyd Kasper as he was also known. All that fur, that juicy uncut dick – you can see everything in these pix. No wonder the team at Colt Studios liked filming the stud. If you want to see his work on film, try the likes of Inches and LA Tool & Die. A true star at work!

Joe Braggs, Mike Davis and Moose

Three big names from the world of Colt Studios porno – Joe Braggs, Mike Davis and Moose. This clip is taken from the movie Service Entry and it’s incredibly horny stuff. Joe is on his back sucking on Mike’s cock while Moose slides his bare dick into Joe’s asshole. Mike helps ease things in by lubing Moose’s boner with his spit. Dunno about you guys, but this has our cocks throbbing big time!

Mike Davis and Al Parker

Two of the most amazing men ever to make gay porn now – Mike Davis and Al Parker. We’ve seen these two awesome studs screwing around before but this is another scene they filmed together, with a waterfall tumbling down the hill behind them. A romantic setting for a firey fuck – and it’s Mike who’s topping. Great stuff and you can see the full movie at Colt Studios

Bruce Bennet and Peter Meers

A typical scene from the Colt Studios solo series Minute Man – specifically number 6. It features Bruce Bennet and Peter Meers. Smooth and muscled, Peter has been out surfing and is returning home when he spies the equally muscled Bruce stroking himself. His awesome body and erect cock has the desired effect and soon both guys are beating their meat…

Hot cop, hot cock

There are times when we’ve fantasized about being fucked senseless by a hung cop. Colt Studios helped bring that fantasy alive too with this sexy scene. Imagine being grilled by an officer by the side of the road after he’s caught you speeding, and of him offering to forego the punishment if you help him drain his balls. With a cock like this muscular Hot Cop is offering, we wouldn’t have to be asked twice…


Sometimes you don’t need erections, cocks thrusting into mouths and assholes to turn you on. This clip featuring Stacey from Rip Colt’s collection of movies for Colt Studios is purely softcore but gives us the chance to truly appreciate an amazing physical specimen. Stacey frolics in the water and on the beach, showing off his delicious body, butt and tanline. He’s not a big boy but we suspect he’s a grower… See more of Stacey at Colt

Gordon Grant and Tony Romano

A classic outdoor episode from the Colt Studios archives today, and boy would we love to have been Tony Romano in it! That’s because he’s on his knees before that giant of vintage gay porn, Gordon Grant. A dose of fine erotica, we watch as Tony helps Gordon out of his jeans, revealing his fat cock, and kisses his flat belly. By the looks of it, Tony’s an excellent dick-sucker too.

Frank Vickers and Glen Steers

Another chance to see the awesome Glen Steers in action now – a typical Colt man. Those muscles, his handsome good looks and major league cock were the object of many of our jack-off fantasies… Born in 1958, he worked with Falcon among other studios and graced magazine spreads for Colt, Mandate, Honcho and Inches as well as Colt calendars as late as 1993 and 1995. Here he’s pictured doing his typical top man routine with the delicious Frank Vickers in a barn. The full scene is avaiable to see at Colt Studios

Jesse Ditmar

There are some things in porn that really turn us on and for us it’s, perhaps surprisingly, when a guy first pulls off his briefs. That moment of anticipation and revelation is so hot it invariably has us rock hard. Witness this solo from the Colt Studios Minute Man series starring Jesse Ditmar, when he’s leaning against his jeep and tugs them off. Out springs his already erect cock just waiting to be stroked…

Clint Lockner

Clint Lockner was another of the great Colt porn stars of the day, appearing not just in solos but with other great stars like Bruno (that’s him in the middle pic). Ripped, with a handsome cut cock and moustachioed, the story goes that Clint was a cop in LA before getting into porn – and he certainly played a very convincing officer of the law in his movies! Clint was a great performer but unfortunately succumbed to AIDS. See more of him in action at Colt