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Mac Turner

A handsome brunette with a big cut cock, Mac Turner was a Falcon favorite for a while in the pre-condom era starring in such films as Against the Rules and Biker’s Liberty. You can see him, for example, getting fucked by Josh Kincaid and Tim Kramer in these movies so he certainly worked with some of the big names. It’s just a shame his cannon of work is so small…

Chris Burns, Cory Monroe, Cole Carpenter and Chad Douglas

Here’s a scene that will have the vanilla among you wincing. Featuring Chris Burns, Cory Monroe, Cole Carpenter and Chad Douglas, it’s the climax to the Falcon movie Spring Break – a film that proved hugely popular on its release and continues to be so today. It’s brutal stuff – Chris and Cory end up with either a huge dildo, a fist or Chad’s massive cock in their well-used assholes. Ouch…

Chad Douglas

We’ve had Chad Douglas on the blog before but only in action so we decided it was time to give him some space and show him out and proud on his own. Chad was a ‘tached and hairy porn stud with a very big cock indeed and reportedly one of the nicest guys in the industry according to many who knew him – and despite his on-screen reputation. Doubtless because of his size and looks, he was often cast as the aggressive top although off-screen he was known as something of a bottom! Chad was born in Puerto Rico in 1957 and made some great movies during his career – many of them for Falcon Studios.

Kristen Bjorn and Sky Dawson

Here’s another chance to see the very hung Kristen Bjorn, the gay porn star who went on to become the greatest director in the XXX biz (in our humble opinion). He’s pictured here in a scene with Sky Dawson, the moustachioed stud who graced many a fine pre-condom movie. This one is Biker’s Liberty and was produced by the team at Falcon

Bob Bishop – sex on legs

Bob_Bishop--06 bobbishop2 bobbishopmain

There are many things to regret – and one for us is that Bob Bishop didn’t make more gay pornos. The star of Falcon vintage specials Ramcharger and Hayride, there’s not much more of a XXX nature out there of him. What was so special about him? For us, his classic good looks, awesome abs and a beautiful and very fuckable butt. What more do you want in a man?

Al Parker and Casey Donovan

We celebrate two giants of gay porn together today – Al Parker and Casey Donovan. Filmed having sex together in the Falcon movie The Other Side of Aspen, these two were icons of the era. Donovan, of course, had made a career as an actor and performer before being cast in a porno movie while Parker and his huge cock helped shape the industry not just as a model but also as a producer and director for his own Surge Studios outfit. If only all porn stars were as charismatic as these too… See more of them at Falcon Studios

Clint Ely and Hal Drake

Hal Drake was a masculine model who made a couple of Falcon appearances in the early 1980s, some of which were reproduced in print, so there’s not much in the way of content around to celebrate him and his sexual performances. Hal had a long and fat cock that is well evidenced here on the dunes, where the cowboy meets Clint Ely – a young guy hungry for his cock and some sucking action… See the scene in full at Falcon Studios

Joe Markum and Tony Markum

Joe Markum was one of Falcon’s more popular pre-condom stars and in this scene he’s paired with Tony Markum, who was billed by the studio as his younger brother! Tony has separated from his wife and found a love of cock – and while cruising around finds his brother looking for exactly the same thing. They haven’t seen each other for a couple of years but make up for it by finding some privacy and fucking on the back of a truck…

Bosch Wagner, Justin Cade and Scott O’Hara

Scott O’Hara was a true talent in gay porn and turned out to be a great writer as well when he detailed his experiences in the industry and his life with HIV. Here, in his heyday, he joins a threesome that sees Bosch Wagner visiting doctor Justin Cade and getting the sort of treatment we all want and need. Seeing Wagner on all fours as he slurps on Cade’s dick and takes O’Hara’s monster up his ass is a true turn-on. More of this threesome is available at Falcon Studios

Tony Bravo and Giorgio Canali

Italian hunk Giorgio Canali is one of the stars of this throbbing fuck with enthusiastic bottom Tony Bravo. Giorgio made plenty of pornos during his career, appearing using the name Rocco Rizzoli in his work with Colt, and was rightly popular with guys who love their cocks very thick and uncut. These pix come from the Falcon Studios movie The Other Side of Aspen 2, in which he appears as a ski instructor – the full scene also stars twink babe Kurt Marshall.

Al Parker

They don’t come much bigger than Al Parker. His huge personality, massive cock and balls dominated the pre-condom gay porn years.

Born in Massachusetts, he epitomized the clone look, signed on to do porn with Rip Colt, went on to form the legendary Surge Studios and even had his foreskin restored!

During his career, he worked with some of the biggest names in the business and appeared in such classics as The Other Side of Aspen as well as other movies for the great Falcon outfit.

Now, looking at the pic… if you were heading to jail, wouldn’t you mind seeing him standing there waiting for you in the cell?

Joe Cade and Justin Cade

What is truth in the fantasy land of porn? It’s often difficult to unravel it in the hype surrounding scenes and movies. Take the story of Joe Cade and Justin Cade, who were at their gay porn peak in the 1980s. According to some stories, Joe and Justin were brothers while others claimed they were unrelated and just lovers. Justin, though, was at one point Al Parker’s boyfriend while Joe went to to date Tom Chase. The most likely story is that the two were cousins and they certainly appeared together, as you can see here, in the Falcon movie Splash Shots

Steve Sprague and Chris Randall

The vintage Falcon movie Huge 2, directed by the brilliant Matt Sterling, is best known as a vehicle for the horse-hung and late, great Lee Ryder but here we feature two of the lesser known models – Steve Sprague and Chris Randall. In their scene, Steve has picked up Chris in his truck and finding a secluded spot, pulls over and parks up. Wandering into the woods, they free their raging erections and go to work. Steve takes charge, shoving his big dick down Chris’s throat, ordering him to eat his ass and then filling his butthole with his throbbing raw dick…

Cory Monroe and Chad Douglas

We’ve featured big guy Chad Douglas on the vintage stars blog before but we haven’t mentioned Cory Monroe yet – a young blond who was a vigorous bottom during his career in gay porn. You gotta admire a guy like Cory who can get a dick the size of Chad’s down his throat and up his ass. The action pix come from the Falcon movie Spring Break – one of the better movies featuring the two stars.

Bull Matthews and his buddies

A few days ago we featured a threesome from the Falcon movie Spring Training that included beefy jock Bull Matthews – and now we have another from the same film. This one also has Tad Brady and the gorgeous Tom Mitchell with Bull having his evil way bareback with Tad’s bubble butt in a college cafe. To avoid any confusion, Bull only used that porn name with Falcon and was perhaps better known as Michael Ram. Either way, he had a truly perfect cock…

Eddie Marks, Jeff Turk and Steve Henson

Some guys are just meant to make gay porn and Steve Henson was one of them. He was so goddam beautiful that he makes us melt every time we watch him. The term ‘pretty boy’ was invented for guys like him… He had an amazing butt but here it’s not his getting plugged (for a change) but Eddie Marks instead. He’s getting it from porn vet Jeff Turk… and it’s a scene from the classic Falcon movie The Other Side of Aspen 2

Leigh Erickson and Steve Wright

Leigh Erickson was a fixture of pre-condom era gay porn – his big hair and big dick combined with a fab physique to make him a big hit with fans. This scene comes from the Falcon Studios movie In Your Wildest Dreams and, with Steve Wright, Leigh does what he did best – get fucked. Leigh finds Steve out in the woods and it’s not long before he’s got his lips around Steve’s big cock…

Rod Mitchell and Judd Preston

A film with real power in terms of vintage gay porn stars – that’s Ramcharger. Packed with big names and equally big cocks, this scene features the deliciously ‘tached Rod Mitchell and jock Judd Preston. They’ve met on a lake, where Rod’s been out on his jet ski, and head for the shore and a deserted farm. Judd then gets to be on the receiving end of Rod’s awesome rod… Treat yourself to more from the movie at Falcon

John Davenport and Tony Marino

If we were to give out an award for the most handsome cock of pre-condom era porno, one of the contenders for victory would have to be John Davenport. Stunning in every way, his boner was a dream and something we all dreamed of sucking down on back in the day. A great top, he’s pictured here with cute Tony Marino in a scene from the Falcon film Perfect Summer. Working at a gym together, they find privacy in the sauna for a hard fuck… See lots more action at Falcon Studios

The delicious Rod Phillips

rodphillips2 tumblr_mnji6uBCcB1rr8utbo1_500 RodPhillips-T0884-002

Rod Phillips was a beautiful guy. Good looks, great abs, the perfect cock. How sad, then, that he’s no longer with us… At least we remember him in some great movies, including Giants, Spokes and Winner Takes All. Some of his best work was with Falcon

Sky Dawson action

One of the sexiest of men in the pre-condom gay porn era, Sky Dawson sported the trademark ‘tache of the times and a ripped physique. According to some sources, he was introduced to gay porn by his boyfriend of the time Dick Fisk (with whom he’s pictured, center). From Texas, he was known for great cumshots and graced mags like Honcho and Playguy. The other action pic features Mike Flynn and Bruce McMaster and comes from Johnny Harden and the Champs. See more of Sky Dawson at Falcon Studios

Kurt Marshall and Tom Mitchell

If you’re looking for a gay sex scene with two absolutely stunning young men, you don’t need to go any further than this outing with the gorgeous Kurt Marshall and Tom Mitchell. Brunette Tom is the tennis coach, blond Kurt his dreamboat pupil. And young Kurt is keen to please his master any which way he can – and that means sucking his dick and letting Tom fuck his beautiful butt. We know Kurt died back in 1988 but we have no idea whether Tom is still with us – let us know if you do. Anyway, this is a scene from the vintage movie Splash Shots from Falcon Studios

Spokes 2 orgy

One of the classic Falcon films of the pre-condom era was Spokes 2, which took bikers as its theme. And what better way for them to relax than at their local bike club. But along with the drinking and joshing comes plenty of sex as these revved-up leather and rubber-clad studs go at each other. Look out for the likes of Jack Lofton, Chad Douglas and Tony Marino among the familiar porn star faces, offering a mix of hairy and smooth guys. Great stuff from the team at Falcon Studios

Tom Cline in Winner’s Way

Tom Cline shows what a great performer he is in this Falcon movie from the early days called Winner’s Way. And if you catch up with the full film, you’ll probably end up feeling slightly uncomfortable! There’s a foot-long dildo down the throat, a 13-incher up the ass, some fisting for those into such things as well as some awesome cumshots. It’s certainly not for the faint of heart…

Buster and OG Johnson

Here are two more giants of the vintage gay porn era – the legendary Buster and the awesomely hung OG Johnson. It’s a scene from Night Flight, the great Falcon movie, in which black superstar Johnson finds his scene mate having a wank in the plane’s toilet – and punishes him with what looks like a very painful fuck indeed. Buster, though, can handle any sized dick… It’s such a shame that there are only a few movies with Johnson around and a couple of mags with him like Honcho and Inches. See lots more now at Falcon

Night Flight

One of the great movies from the pre-condom era at Falcon Studios, Night Flight gave us the sort of airline we’d all love to fly. Captain Joe Gere heads a team of horny pilots and flight attendants, including Melchor Diaz – who thinks customer service includes servicing the passengers. Melchor gets his arse fucked and there are cum facials too – plus the added attraction of huge OG Johnson. The movie won an award for its screenplay. See more at Falcon

Will Seagers and a Weekend Lockup

We’ve featured the legendary Al Parker a few times on the vintage gay porn stars blog so the focus of this entry is Will Seagers – a moustachioed stallion who worked for studios like Bullet, HIS Video and Falcon in the 70s and 80s. Will was hung although not as big as his co-star Parker and was a nicely versatile performer. The pix here feature Parker, who’s been arrested for indecent exposure, and officers Roy and Will in a scene from the classic movie Weekend Lockup. You can see the video at Falcon Studios

Ken Orsini and Big Ben

Big Ben’s cock was billed by Falcon as being a mammoth 13 inches long hard but even allowing for the hype that studios generally apply to penis size, it’s still an impressive sight. Ken Orsini gets to experience it in all its glory here… He plays a gym coach who likes to escape to San Francisco for a spot of cruising in his favorite john. Ken has his dick out and is stroking away when Ben walks in, pulls out his cock and starts stroking along with him. Enjoy the video of the studs wanking at Falcon Studios

Spokes orgy

This is one of the best-known Falcon orgies from the vintage years and it comes from the hit movie Spokes. It features a multitude of talents – Dick Fisk, Lee Ryder, Leo Ford, Mark Hunter, Pete Gable and Rod Phillips – starring as a group of bikers who find a secluded barn for a club member’s initiation. Hunter must strip and take cock after cock up his ass – and there are some big ones here, particularly Fisk and Ryder. Meanwhile, Gable is watching the action from his secret hideaway…

Eric Manchester, Kevin Williams and Tom Brock

Who can forget blond Kevin Williams in his boyish pre-condom era gay porn prime? Just looking at him naked was enough to drive most of us to a quick cumshot… Here he is in the middle of a spit roast in the Falcon Studios movie In Your Wildest Dreams, coming home to find beefy Tom Brock asleep. Kevin can’t resist stripping down and giving him a blowjob and when Eric Manchester walks in he offers up his ass for a bareback fuck. Seeing Eric’s long raw cock sliding in and out of Kevin’s hole is awesome…