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JW King, Loren Marks and Todd Baron

JW King was one of the biggest stars of gay porn in the pre-condom era, appearing in such classic movies as A Night at Halsted’s, Pacific Coast Highway and These Bases are Loaded. We also have particularly fond memories of wanking along to his fuck with Jon King in Brothers Should Do It. This scene, however, comes from one of his Colt Studios appearances and has him in a threesome with Loren Marks and the adorable Todd Baron.

Channel 1 has a host of JW King material too

Bedroom threeway

Who can remember their first threesome? For Al here it was a session with a couple of school pals, one of whom had a giant uncut cock. Al and Jim were already fuck buddies but big boy David was not part of the crowd until a few glances in the locker room made everyones’ feelings clear. Al even remembers seeing David’s cock swelling up a bit as he dried himself down. They went back to David’s place and sucked him off, making him cum twice as they licked and sucked his dick and balls. Jim even tried to sit on that big cock but he was just too big! See more of this threesome at Vintage Gay Loops

Threesome in the great outdoors

When the sun’s shining, fire up your pick-up, pick up a few mates and head out into the country. And make sure you have a blanket with you so that you’ve got at least some comfort when you find a quiet spot for a fuck. That’s what our three buddies get up to, their cocks stiff, their balls full of cum and several assholes needing a raw cock and cum in them. A fine threesome from Vintage Gay Loops

Clint Lockner, Mark Rutter and Mike Davis

We’ve said it before but we’re happy to repeat it – Mike Davis is one fucking horny porn star! Just look at him in this threesome from Colt Studios – eating ass while he’s having his hole fucked, licking a cop’s nightstick as it’s about to plunder another ass. Yes, in this outing with Clint Lockner and Mark Rutter, he sure does shine as a cock-hungry sex pig. What a star!

Threeway suck-fest

There’s a whole lot of oral going on in this clip from Vintage Gay Loops.

Kirk Mannheim, Holtz and Jack Egan

We’re never ones to miss an opportunity of seeing super-hung blond stallion Holtz giving it his best. And here’s a threesome called Loft To Let from Falcon Studios in which he uses his immense cock on the horny Kirk Mannheim and Jack Egan. On the way up to view an apartment in the elevator, Kirk grabs his chance to go down on Holtz’s impressive boner. And once they’re indoors, Jack comes on to Kirk! So what better than to make it a threesome? It’s good to see Holtz getting fucked in the movie too.

Al Parker, Casey Donovan, Chad Benson and Dick Fisk

We can never get enough of three of the gay porn stars on show here – little but hung Dick Fisk, bearded superstud Al Parker and blond Casey Donovan. You gotta feel sorry for Chad Benson with all that star power around – you almost forget he’s there. In a scene from the first of The Other Side of Aspen series, the four guys get it on and Donovan ends up getting his ass fucked here from bearded Parker while Fisk feeds him his beautiful fat cock. Watch the film now at Falcon Studios

Restroom threesome

One of your friendly bloggers has a real passion for sex in public restrooms, long ago losing count of the number of cocks he’s sucked and assholes he’s fucked in them. One of the best sessions involved at least eight or nine other guys in the early hours of a winter morning, on his knees sucking dick and drinking cum. This threesome may not be as big – in terms of numbers involved – but it prompts happy memories. We hope it does for you too… Watch the scene in full at Vintage Gay Loops

Erron, Ledermeister and Tom Lee

Out in the wild west and near a deserted homestead, Colt Studios legends Erron, Ledermeister and Tom Lee are tugging at their leather and denim in the quest for their cocks… It all began with Tom cycling across the desert and coming across Ledermeister thumbing a ride. Then, riding along, they find Erron with his broken down car. Of course, one thing leads to another and this fast-moving sex scene is the result. Quality stuff from Colt Studios, which has the scene in full

Brett Ford, Matt Gunther, Randy Mixer and Tad Bronson

We’re probably stretching the term ‘vintage’ to its limits here but we just had to feature Matt Gunther on the blog at some point. We totally fell in love with this ripped jock when we first saw him in a solo magazine spread – in those days as a youngster he was so totally gorgeous that we wanked ourselves senseless over those pix until the pages were stuck together with dried cum. He went on to make numerous films but tragically succumbed to AIDS in 1997. In this foursome, he’s joined by Brett Ford, Randy Mixer and Tad Bronson and you can see it in all its glory at Falcon Studios

Three’s company

Unless you’re very slow on the uptake, the theme of today’s vintage gay porn pix is three. But while two of them show three young men getting friendly and with limp if handsome cocks, the other is major hardcore – a double penetration scene. Two raw cocks fucking a very capable asshole. It’s not something we’ve ever done as bottoms and we do admire those that can manage it. Maybe one day…

Lee Ryder threesome

Yum yum. More of Lee Ryder now – and who can resist this hung superstar? He’s got two boys to play around with and it comes as no surprise that he’s gonna be topping. We get some nice close-up shots of Lee teasing his bottom’s asshole and sliding his bare dick deep into him, his heavy and low-hanging balls slapping away on his butt. Lee’s the type of guy that makes us wish we were in gay porn back in his day, offering up our butts to his giant cock. Watch more of him fucking at Vintage Gay Loops


Hands up everyone who can remember their first threesome… For one of us at the blog it was a quick one in a public toilet with two older men, who he sucked off and satisfied them by drinking their cum (getting a life-long taste for spunk in the process). For the other one of us, it was at college with a friend of a fuck buddy – the first experience of being spit-roasted too. Here are some vintage gay porn pix of some horny threesomes including an interesting take on fisting!

Chris Burns, Cory Monroe, Cole Carpenter and Chad Douglas

Here’s a scene that will have the vanilla among you wincing. Featuring Chris Burns, Cory Monroe, Cole Carpenter and Chad Douglas, it’s the climax to the Falcon movie Spring Break – a film that proved hugely popular on its release and continues to be so today. It’s brutal stuff – Chris and Cory end up with either a huge dildo, a fist or Chad’s massive cock in their well-used assholes. Ouch…

If their mothers could see them now…

Mom and pop have spent years saving for all that furniture. And what does their eldest son do when they’re away for a few days? Yep, he invites a few buddies around for a horny threesome. We just hope he cleans the cum stains off the couch before they get home… See more of the scene at Vintage Gay Loops

Jack Wrangler threesome

We get to see more of the man of the 70s now – the legend that is Jack Wrangler in a threesome in a theater showing porno. Jack starred in one of the classic movies of the era – A Night at the Adonis – and it was filmed on location at the Adonis Theater in New York. Directed by the great Jack Deveau, it also starred veteran studs like Bill Eld and Roger. Unfortunately, the Adonis was pulled down more than 20 years ago… See more of the movie at Vintage Gay Loops

Bosch Wagner, Justin Cade and Scott O’Hara

Scott O’Hara was a true talent in gay porn and turned out to be a great writer as well when he detailed his experiences in the industry and his life with HIV. Here, in his heyday, he joins a threesome that sees Bosch Wagner visiting doctor Justin Cade and getting the sort of treatment we all want and need. Seeing Wagner on all fours as he slurps on Cade’s dick and takes O’Hara’s monster up his ass is a true turn-on. More of this threesome is available at Falcon Studios

Three cocks, three men

More from Vintage Gay Loops – and a threesome too. You gotta envy the guy in the middle too – not only having his ass fucked bare but also having his cock sucked at the same time. For us, that’s always a recipe for an explosive cum shot! Just forgive them the terrible soundtrack and the lousy furniture.

Three lads and a sofa

We’re not big fans of the 70s sofa, but we sure love what’s taking place on it. These three studs sure know how to have a good time, and work to ensure that not a hole is wasted – ass or mouth. After all, being fucked raw is good enough, but it’s even better when you’ve got a guy ramming his dick in your mouth too… See more of the action at Vintage Gay Loops

Three’s company – again

We’re no strangers to threesomes here at the blog, on the principle that three cocks are much more fun than two. And that if you’re lucky you can have one at both ends at the same time. So to help us on our way to finding our next ‘friend’ here are some pix of three lads enjoying each others’ nakedness from the great days of vintage porn. We particularly like the pic on the right – the photographer has clearly taken time to arrange his models from the one with the smallest dick to the one with the biggest. And what a big one it is too…

California Summer

We’re stuck in the depths of winter up here in the northern hemisphere but we can at least watch the boys in the sunshine and on the beach in some great pre-condom gay porn movies. Take California Summer from William Higgins, which is packed with hot jocks and big erections. There’s even an underwater blowjob session with Sergio Canali although we’ve chosen to bring you some shots from an orgy. Other scenes featured the likes of Ricki Benson, Jason Lloyd, JJ McCarthy, Joe Reeve, Larry Richards, Tim Richards, Mark Scott Solo, Chris Thompson and Brent Woods. Recall the great days of summer by watching the movie at Channel 1

Gunther Keller, Lil’ Shadow and Mike Davis

There are some gay porn scenes that take you right back to the vintage era and this is one of them for us from the team at Colt Studios. Featuring Gunther Keller, Lil’ Shadow and the truly stunning Mike Davis, we recall wanking along to it many many times. Filmed silently, it’s called The Bonus and has our three ranchers sucking and fucking away in the stables. There’s something special here for fans of foreskin too…

Food and fucking

You’re hungry but you wanna fuck. What do you do first? Answer? Do them both at the same time. Yes, our three boys waste no time in the kitchen with lunch – they’ve got some meaty cocks, some bread, jelly and fresh cream to play around with. Smearing it over their bodies and cocks to add some extra flavor to their cock sucking and rimming, it’s a horny threesome. See it in full at Vintage Gay Loops

Bull Matthews and his buddies

A few days ago we featured a threesome from the Falcon movie Spring Training that included beefy jock Bull Matthews – and now we have another from the same film. This one also has Tad Brady and the gorgeous Tom Mitchell with Bull having his evil way bareback with Tad’s bubble butt in a college cafe. To avoid any confusion, Bull only used that porn name with Falcon and was perhaps better known as Michael Ram. Either way, he had a truly perfect cock…

Eddie Marks, Jeff Turk and Steve Henson

Some guys are just meant to make gay porn and Steve Henson was one of them. He was so goddam beautiful that he makes us melt every time we watch him. The term ‘pretty boy’ was invented for guys like him… He had an amazing butt but here it’s not his getting plugged (for a change) but Eddie Marks instead. He’s getting it from porn vet Jeff Turk… and it’s a scene from the classic Falcon movie The Other Side of Aspen 2

Josh, Mike and Werner Robles

The Best Laid Plans… it’s the title of this Colt Studios threesome and sums up perfectly what can happen when you get three men loaded with cum in one room with good intentions but a need to let that cum fly. Josh, Mike and Werner Robles are the builders and the client who get distracted from the plans with some impressive cocks and assholes. And it’s good to see a fireplace coming in handy with their sex games…

Don, Steve and Rick

Winter is with us and for Don, Rick and Steve that’s brought a trip out and a stay in a motel. Locking the cold out, the boys generate some heat with some wrestling that only succeeds in making them all horny. Not wanting to waste their erections on a jack-off session, they get into some heavy-duty cock sucking and bareback fucking. Great if you like twinks! The scene is called Out of Control and is a blast from the past from Falcon

Fucked at gunpoint

We’re not gonna condone violence but there’s little wrong with fantasy… Here’s one to ponder – you’re out on the road when you get accosted at gunpoint by three crazed guys and forced to submit to whatever they demand. In this case, it means sucking their cocks, having your ass raped by their hard bare dicks and being soaked in their cum. As fantasies go, it’s a pretty hot one. Watch more of the show at Vintage Gay Loops

Preppy Summer

02 13 12

Let’s return to those wonderful 80s movies from director William Higgins, and in particular Preppy Summer. This sunny romp features a galaxy of sexy young bucks in a collection of delicious scenes. Ken Kerns and Tim Richards have fun in the pool before screwing in the dry – only to be joined later by Tim’s brother Larry. That’s followed by Mark Kline, Joe Craig and David Calvin in another threeway, with Joe as the enthusiastic top. Rex Donahue gives Lee Mann a good pounding before Ken and Lee return, to be joined by Mike Gibson. Finally, we get underwater cumshots when Tim and Larry Richards are joined by Perry Field and Dane Ford. So it’s definitely one for the group sex fans! You can get lots more of the movie at Channel 1

Fireside threesome

It’s a cold winter’s day and the fire is burning in the grate. But you need to create a bit more heat. So you invite a couple of buddies round – fuck buddies of course. And before you know it, you’re slap bang in the middle of a raw threeway. Yummy! Click through to Vintage Gay Loops for more