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Pat Larkin

Handsome Californian Pat Larkin appeared nude in the May 1985 edition of Playgirl magazine.

This was the time when erections were finally allowed on Playgirl’s models and we’re very grateful for that because Pat’s cock is a particularly impressive one erect.

Combine that with his furry chest and bulky pecs and you’re really on to a winner with this guy – especially if he let you ride that dick.

Kelly Coffee

Model Kelly Coffee looks very sculptural in this photo from his Playgirl magazine shoot.

The rest of the pix reveal that he was also a pretty hung guy, someone who could give us a good fuck any time he wished.

Kelly had a great chest, hairy and with a tantalizing treasure trail. He was Playgirl’s Man of the Month for July 1986.

Stephen D’Auria

The picture quality may not be brilliant but you don’t have to look too hard to realise that Stephen D’Auria is a true stud.

His 70s hair, all that chest fur and the beard indicate that he’s a man’s man from top to bottom.

He appeared in Playgirl Magazine, billed as their Man of the Month for June 1978.

Sam Jones

Back in 1975, Sam Jones took off his clothes and posed for Playgirl magazine. And a big impression he made.

A few years later, he made an even bigger impression when he was cast as Flash Gordon in a flashy Hollywood movie about the legendary space explorer.

We never did like the film, but we certainly do like Mr Jones’ beautiful cut cock!

The photo spread featured in the June 1975 edition of the mag, although Sam was billed at the time as Andrew Cooper III.

Bill Cable/Stoner

Bill Cable was furry and totally delicious – a shame, then, that he was straight.

Known as Stoner in his work for Colt, he had a chubby cut cock and posed naked for several leading photographers during the late 60s and into the 70s.

This picture comes from his shoot with Playgirl in 1974 – he appeared in the March edition.

Sadly, Bill died in a motorbike accident in the late 1990s.

Jim Lampier

If you need proof that 70s hairstyles were dreadful, just see this pic of Jim Lampier. The poor guy must squirm every time he gets reminded of his photoshoot!

Jim, who otherwise has great looks, awesome pecs and a sexy cock, was Playgirl Magazine’s man of the month for September 1976 – and being so easy on the eye, that’s no surprise.

We’d forgive him the hair if he’d just let us get between his legs for a blow…


Bart Turner

We’ve never been into sailing – a severe dose of seasickness put paid to that a long time ago.

However, we might be tempted to take it up if we can be promised a tutor like Bart Turner. He’s pictured here in a spread for the skin mag Playgirl – he was the centerfold of the July 1975 edition.

Bart is a true man’s man and we’d do anything to have abs like his…

Ron Yarbrough

We think we’d have trouble keeping our cocks in our Speedos if we’d seen Ron Yarbrough playing around on the beach back in the heady days of the 1970s.

Ron appeared in several Playgirl magazine spreads over the years but this one was the most dramatic – from July 1976 – cos it includes him swimming naked with dolphins as well as giving a girl a good ol’ body rub on the beach.

But it’s the pix of him alone, naked and with his amazing ripped body on show that we love. And we admit that we think he has the perfect dick!

Carlos Soares

CarlosSoares07Who wouldn’t want to wake up to a man like Carlos Soares?

This hottie Latin stud was featured in the February 1976 edition of Playgirl magazine – back in the days when erections were sadly not allowed on their hallowed pages.

Still, we can dream of sucking his uncut dick hard…

Chris Roos

ChrisRoos01Back in October 1984, Playgirl magazine featured a model by the name of Chris Roos.

And what a hottie surfer dude he was – just the type you’d want to stumble on at the beach and invite home with you.

In fact, Chris became a big name in the straight porn industry as an actor and director but working under the name Biff Malibu.

Scott Narhi

One of the great things about Playgirl magazine – at least in the early days – was how their centerfolds represented such a wide range of men. You could find jocks one month, bears the next and so on.

Scott Narhi, who’s pictured here as Playgirl’s man of the month for July 1982, is to us typical of the guy next door. He doesn’t have a monster cock, he hasn’t got a body that most of us will never achieve. He’s just an admittedly handsome dude who just happens to like showing us his naked body…

Steve Kolega

We took one look at Playgirl model Steve Kolega and thought immediately of actor Tom Selleck.

But we don’t think Tom had a hairdo quite as horrific as Steve’s, even at its worst.

Steve is one of the older of the magazine’s models from the vintage era but he obviously has a touch of class – the Playgirl man of the month for July 1980 was pictured in and around a fancy Rolls Royce.

Mike O’Grady

Meet Mike O’Grady – one of the models who appeared for the fabulous Playgirl magazine.

Mike appeared in the August 1983 edition and was billed as the mag’s man of the month. It’s easy to see why too as he reclines on the bed with a semi… The rest of his shoot features outdoor shots of him too.

Mike looks like a typical 80s man complete with tache and groovy hair!

Neil Paul

Neil Paul looks like he’s just stepped out of the film Boogie Nights. With his big hair, gold chain and groovy sunglasses, you just know he’d fit in perfectly in a gay porn movie.

In reality, this pic came from the September 1975 edition of the nude men magazine Playgirl and an outdoor shoot he did for their photographer.

We wouldn’t mind crawling between his legs and sucking his perfect cock hard either…

Tim Wenzel

Meet Tim Wenzel, a 23-year-old from California who appeared as Playgirl magazine’s Man for October in 1981.

Tim was later interviewed for a newspaper feature on the magazine, in which he said he had a girlfriend who kept the mag by the bedside to look at (we don’t blame her either). He also said he was surprised that people might think he was gay just for appearing naked in what was supposedly a mag aimed at women.

Sadly, he also said he wouldn’t appear in porn, even for $10,000. A great loss we think!


Andy Abrams – Randy West

Back in 1980, the magazine Playgirl published a spread with the handsome blond Andy Abrams. But Andy was better known as porn star Randy West.

Randy had a long career in porn but while he was lusted over by gay men everywhere, he was a performer in straight movies and made hundreds during his career.

Previously, he had worked as a singer and stripper and also performed with the Chippendales dance group. He also became a producer of porno movies.

Antonio Contrelle

More from the archives of that great mag Playgirl now, which has long brought us great pix of the hottest men – whether porn stars or just regular models.

This stunningly handsome dude is Antonio Contrelle, who featured in the July 1981 edition – and who was also named the Playgirl Man of the Year for 1982. You don’t have to look too closely to understand why.

We love this pic of him lazing on the bed, showing off his furry body and sexy and soft uncut cock.

Lou Zivkovich

Beefy bear Lou Zivkovich was a player with the Calgary Stampeders in the Canadian Football League – but caused controversy when he appeared in the July 1974 edition of Playgirl magazine.

Shot in Hawaii, this was the time before erections in Playgirl but even so the school in California where he taught fired him because they said his photoshoot set a bad example to his students.

However, he later went on to appear with Mae West in a TV special called Dick Cavett’s Backlot USA.

Roger Huckstex

Meet Roger Huckstex – who did an unusual photographic set with Playgirl magazine and which turned up in the December 1973 edition.

It’s all gymnastics as far as this series goes, with Roger doing his tricks on the parallel bars and a host of other familiar equipment.

It’s easy to see where he got that ripped physique from!

His dick ain’t bad either…

Rock Pamplin

Meet Rock Pamplin, who modelled for several studios during the 1970s but also appeared as a ‘legit’ model. We think his hairy body is a real winner, and it’s no surprise that he went before the Colt Studios cameras. However, he also cropped up in the 1976 May edition of Playgirl magazine (without boners back then) in a set shot in Hawaii. We also think his cock deserves 5 out of 5!

C W Mundy

Here’s another model from the venerable Playgirl magazine, this time CW Mundy from the March 1978 edition.

Clothed, he looks like a real estate agent but naked he looks something very special indeed. That hairy chest, those incredibly defined abs and his perfect cock make him a dream man for many of us!

His full shoot saw him playing volleyball, relaxing nude in the hot tub and draped erotically on the bed. What a dude!

Richard Burke Davis

Get those 70s yellow pants off and show us ya dick… Well, fortunately Richard Burke Davis did when requested by the Playgirl photographer.

Hairy-chested Richard was certainly a bit of a dish and a groovy guy with it – just look at those headphones and the not very HD TV in the background.

We wonder if it was girls or boys who got the chance to find out whether his fairly small limp dick grew into a monster… Anyway, he was Playgirl magazine’s man of the month for October 1977

Benson twins

Benson_Twins006Meet the Benson twins – stars of Playgirl Magazine back in September 1983.

Hairy and moustachioed and with decent-sized cocks based on the hard-on shots from the full photoshoot, the Bensons are just one of several sets of twins that have appeared in porn over the years.

We believe they did film some hardcore stuff together but we’ve never been able to track down pix or clips of it. Let us know if you have!

Ben Gallagher


That’s the only reaction you can possibly have to the pix of Ben Gallagher, who was the man of the month for Playgirl Magazine back in December 1976.

What a stunning guy, what an awesome hairy chest!

According to the pix, Ben had been chosen as a finalist for the mag’s Natural Man contest, which was planned for the following year.

We don’t know whether he won but we’d happily give him a prize…

Barry Hostetler

BarryHostetler03Today we have another pic from the files of the venerable Playgirl Magazine.

And we’re heading back to 1974 and the mag’s man of the month for February – Barry Hostetler.

A minor actor as well as model, his spread featured him out in the great outdoors with his Harley – looking pretty handsome in the process.

Sadly, this was in the days before Playgirl allowed their guys to show off hard-ons. But we can dream…

Rob Schad

RobSchad05Meet hunky Rob Schad, who appeared with his kit off in the February 1985 edition of Playgirl magazine.

He was pictured in a spread shot in Sydney, Australia, and the accompanying blurb suggested that Rob liked nothing better than starting his day with a dip in the ocean.

Other shots had our handsome stud posing at home, naked while reading the newspaper and puffing on a cigarette.

As you can see here, Rob had a fine pair of low-hanging balls to complement his juicy dick…

Max Werner

max_werner01Here’s Max Werner – and here’s a guy who’s got us rock hard and leaking precum everywhere.

Is there anything that isn’t perfect about him? He has the looks of a Greek god, pecs to die for and a cock so long and beautiful that you just want him to bend you over and fuck the living daylights out of you.

This pic comes from his December 1984 spread for Playgirl magazine – a spread that has one glorious pic of him naked after another.

What a shame we can’t show you one with that stunning cock of his rock hard (or a pic of him with a cock down his throat…)

Mark Allan

Mark AllanNow here’s a guy who makes us go a bit weak at the knees – sexy Mark Allan.

A jock with a really hot body, a nice low-slung pair of balls and a cock with a big mushroom head. It’s a head you know is gonna swell to mammoth proportions when he sticks it in your throat.

Mark is pictured in the May 1982 edition of Playgirl Magazine in a spread partly shot in the bathroom. And he could bend us over that bath and fuck his cum into us any time he pleases…

Jim Brown

Jim BrownWe never used to see too many black guys on the pages of Playgirl Magazine, but here’s Jim Brown from the September 1974 edition.

Jim, if you didn’t know, was a famous actor who made a large number of Hollywood movies, co-starring with the likes of Burt Reynolds and Gene Hackman.

But that fame didn’t stop him showing us his cock back in the 70s – a decade where people didn’t have quite so many hang-ups about nudity as they seem to do now.

Can you imagine Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt flashing us their cocks in a mag spread these days?

Gene Burton

Gene BurtonThe August 1974 edition of Playgirl magazine delivered a real hottie in the form of Gene Burton – muscled, hairy and hung.

Bizarrely, he was pictured out on the trawler, preparing the nets for the next mission, stark bollock naked.

Sadly, these were the days when Playgirl didn’t show guys with their cocks hard so we must make do with Gene’s soft, but still impressive, penis.