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Christopher James

Here was a boy who was near the top of the cute list in the days of vintage gay porn – Christopher James. We think he’s grade A stunning and the photographer has really caught his exceptional beauty in this shoot, his soft cock just waiting to be sucked hard and that bubble butt gagging to be fucked. We imagine he was very popular with his gay school buddies! Christopher made a couple of movie appearances in his short career.

Casey Jordan action

Blond Casey Jordan was one of those models who had a long career in gay porn, turning up originally in the pre-condom 1980s as a pretty boy twink. He appeared in several great Falcon movies back then including Perfect Summer and Out of Bounds. He came back to the industry in the 90s looking older and buffer.

Don, Steve and Rick

Winter is with us and for Don, Rick and Steve that’s brought a trip out and a stay in a motel. Locking the cold out, the boys generate some heat with some wrestling that only succeeds in making them all horny. Not wanting to waste their erections on a jack-off session, they get into some heavy-duty cock sucking and bareback fucking. Great if you like twinks! The scene is called Out of Control and is a blast from the past from Falcon

Cover boys

tumblr_mryr2tihmW1s14gklo1_500 tumblr_mryr6jkU8d1s14gklo1_500 tumblr_mrys1bjuRP1s14gklo1_500

More magazine covers to remind those of us who remember gay porn in print of the joys of unwrapping your latest purchase to discover the joys within. We have no idea who these boys were but they were the ones we used to jack a load out to as we turned the pages late at night. And that was half the problem with mags – some of the best ended up with pages stuck together with cum!

Raw ass fuckers

vincerossigets fucked coryadams tumblr_mjj46ud0vG1s14gklo1_500

Some fine raw ass fucking from the vintage era. On the left, that’s Vince Rossi taking it up the ass, and looking like he’s loving every minute of it. In the center, that’s Cory Adams, one of the hottest twinks ever, doing what he did best – getting in the middle of a spit roast. We always remember Cory as a bottom but, as the pic on the right proves, he could be a top too…


The older you get, sometimes the harder it becomes to keep your sex drive on the go! No such problem with these young lads, we suspect. In the full bloom of youth, their balls always full of cum and their erections seemingly uncontrollable. These pix from the vintage porn era remind us of ourselves back in the day…

Cory Adams

It’s strange to think that someone like Cory Adams could’ve been straight. If he was, he certainly did a bloody good impersonation of a gay lad who loved cock and being fucked. But the rumors at the time were that he was, in fact, into women.

What we do know is that Cory was a big favorite with director William Higgins, starring for him in Class Reunion, French Lieutenant’s Boys and Cousins to name but a few of his movie appearances.

He was also one of the biggest twink stars of the pre-condom era – and rightly so. He’s so goddam cute and his cock so suckable.

If you know more about Cody, let us know but in the meantime enjoy some of his movies at Channel 1

Brad Peters and Jamie Wingo

Some pix now from another of those classic William Higgins movies of the pre-condom era – this one is Brothers Should Do It. And with a title like that, it’s supposed to be a story of brotherly love. Jon King and JW King were the stars but in reality were not related… These pix though feature Brad Peters and Jamie Wingo in a thrilling poolside fling that we remember wanking along to very well. Brad is the hairy and hung one, Jamie a famous twink of vintage gay porn days who made plenty of hot movies. See more of the boys and the movie now at Channel 1


Remember those sleepovers you had as a kid? Inviting a friend over who you suspected was as interested in cock as you were? Of dropping your pants before bedtime to reveal a bulge in your briefs that was just a bit too big? And his expression of interest? Remember that first taste of his cock as it swelled in your mouth and his cum as he emptied his balls in your throat? This scene reminds us! Watch the show at Vintage Gay Loops

The towels come off…

So we guess these hot boys have been at college all day and one has asked the other to come home with him to listed to his new LPs. But when his buddy says he wants a shower, well everything is up for grabs… It’s one of those cases where the guy you’ve had the hots for for so long has actually had the hots for you and just can’t wait to get into a 69 and suck on your hard, fat cock… See more of the scene at Vintage Gay Loops

Morgan – a blond babe

The world of gay porn is full of twinks, young lads who need to earn a buck or who just love the idea of guys watching them screwing.

In our opinion, though, few of today’s batch of teen performers can quite match the beauty of delicious blond Morgan. His perfect body and cock graced a few pornos in the 70s but his filmography remains depressingly small.

The poor lad came to a sticky end too – he was either pushed off a cliff or fell to his death by accident…

At least there are some pix to remember him by.

Huge cock, cute lad

Watching this cute dude stroking his cock at Vintage Gay Loops is enough to make our eyes water. And that’s because we’re wondering how it would feel if he walked in right now and stuffed that monster cock of his inside us! Yes, the lord really blessed him with plenty of inches so no wonder he spends so much time jerking off all day…

Blond caught stroking

We would sure love to have caught this blond lad stroking his erection – and showing him what he could do with it. We don’t know his name but that doesn’t alter the fact that he’s a real cutie who deserves to have the cum drained from his balls and his ass fucked until he blows another load. His little home movie is at Vintage Gay Loops

The delivery boy

We love those delivery boys who come with more than a pizza, who give you the look that says they like what they see and want to take things further. That’s what happens here when the delivery boy gets his tip in the shape of a handsome boyish cock and a sexy 69 on the floor. These boys are really into their dick sucking and ass play… See what we mean at Vintage Gay Loops

Pretty boy wander

Like ‘em young? Then you’re gonna love this boy jacking away at his dick at Vintage Gay Loops. What a sexy lad he is too – we’d happily show him the ropes when it comes to hardcore gay sex. However, we have a feeling that he was one of those boys who was sucking off friends and strangers left right and center. And we think he’d know just how to get our prostate going too…

Sex in the bathroom

When we first got our hands on gay porn mags all those years ago, they often featured scenes like this and we have fond memories of jacking off to the photos of twinks getting it on. You know the type, college boys who have too much time on their hands after lectures, homework and the occasional spliff. Having a buddy who’s willing to suck cock and have his ass fucked is a real bonus… See more vintage porn

Give us huge cocks…

A special treat for you size queens out there today – three guys from the vintage gay porn days who are packing something extra special. And whether you like twinks, men or black guys, there’s something for everyone. Even if the thought of a massive dick screwing your hole makes you wince, you gotta admire the beautiful tools these guys possess and dream about getting your tongue around round…

Wank that prick

Oh yes baby, stroke that dick! We wonder what this lad is thinking about he jacks off for the cameras – perhaps it’s the pizza delivery boy who has a reputation for coating his dishes with an extra layer of jizz, or the guy over the road who’s married with kids but is notorious for having young lads round to suck him off… See more of his show at Vintage Gay Loops

Beyond Hawaii

Think of vintage gay porn and one director usually comes to mind – and that’s William Higgins. Before moving to work and film in Europe, Higgins made some awesome films featuring some of California’s hottest young bucks.

This is a pic from Beyond Hawaii, which sees some of those lads traveling to the islands for a summer holiday of sex with each other and the locals.

It starred Cory Adams, Tim Barnes, Mike Gibson, Johnny Lo, Lee Mann and Sandy Shaw and you can see it in its digitally remastered form at Channel 1

The blond poolboy

If we had lots of money, we’d buy a pool and hire the services of a smooth, blond pool boy. It would be his job to keep it clean, to pamper us when we were out in the sun and taking a swim. He’d have to do his job naked, of course, and be prepared to take a good fucking whenever we felt the urge. He’d always have balls full of cum too, just in case we wanted to suck him off and take his load down our throats… If you want to see more of this pool boy, click through to Vintage Gay Loops

Chris Williams and Vladimir Correa

We head out into the wilds now and this classic Falcon Studios movie Out of Bounds, a scene featuring Chris Williams and Vladimir Correa. Twinky blond Chris bore a striking resemblance to fellow porn star Kevin Williams but despite some wild rumours, they weren’t related. Chris was invariably the bottom in his scenes, as he is here with ranger Correa.

Dan and son on the sofa

If you can take your eyes off the awful furniture, you’ll be able to enjoy a good ol’ dad and son sex session in this clip from Vintage Gay Loops. It looks like sonny has arrived at his friend’s house, only to find him out – and instead facing his horny father. Hungry for cock as they both are, it’s not long before they’re both sucking each other off.

Tim Walsh

Meet Tim Walsh, a sexy young lad who has balls full of cum and a real urge to unleash it. He’s at home in his bedroom, his parents are downstairs and he just hopes they don’t interrupt him (that nightmare we all had as kids). He pulls out his cock and starts to stroke – and what a handsome, fat penis he has too. Oh, and we think we had hair like that once upon a time… See more of Tim at Vintage Gay Loops

Lance Whitman

Lance Whitman was a sexy young lad who made movies in the 1980s. A waif-like brunette, he invariably bottomed (see the pic on the left) and while not one of the best-known models of the time, he did star in some of the era’s great films. These included Class Reunion (a stunning orgy extravaganza), The Best Little Warehouse in LA, Cousins and The Young Olympians. You can see more of him at Channel 1

Jamie Wingo sucks cock

For a time Jamie Wingo was one of the biggest and hottest twinks in pre-condom era gay porn. Cute as a button and a versatile performer, we see him here in three separate scenes with a cock in his mouth. Jamie starred in some great movies during his career including Brothers Should Do It (in which he shared a great poolside scene with Brad Peters), Good Times Coming and Malibu Days, Big Bear Nights. You can see a lot of him in action at Channel 1


If you love your vintage twinks – and we admit to having a soft spot – you have to see the movie Camp YMAC if you’ve yet to track it down. These young lads are enjoying the open air of summer camp and soon find some privacy to enjoy their smooth bodies and hard cocks. The movie’s headliners included Lee Hunter and Sparky O’Toole, two big names from the golden age of porn. Camp YMAC, director by Larry Bronco, is available at TLA

Nice cocks

There’s no real theme to today’s vintage pic post other than the fact that we really like these guys’ cocks! So, what is it about them? Going from left to right: 1. Soft, fat and cut – promises to swell to a good size. 2. Long – promising for some deep-throating. 3. A really erotic semi. We hope you agree!

Chris Thompson, David Ashfield and Kevin Wiles

Whether twinky gay porn stars are your thing or not, one thing you can’t say about Kevin Wiles is that he was a dull performer. This kid was a great sex star, enthusiastic whether he had a cock up his arse or in his mouth. This threesome shows him getting spit-roasted by David Ashfield and Chris Thompson – and it also shows that Kevin was never put off by an extra-large cock! Great stuff, and you can see the scene in full at Falcon Studios

Derrick Stanton and Jeremy Scott

Jeremy Scott was a curly haired twink – and one of the sexiest twinks to have made gay porn in the vintage era. A great bottom who generates fond memories, he’s filmed here with Derrick Stanton, who was still cropping up in movies in the 1990s. Here the boys are jacking off in their bunk, imagining sex with each other. Fortunately, in the full scene, they get their way and Jeremy gets his ass fucked. See lots more of the boys at Vintage Gay Loops

Lads and their cocks

There’s an obvious thing to say about the vintage porno photo in the middle of this random collection of young lads. We’re gonna resist talking about his rocket in a suggestive way and leave that to your imaginations. We’d rather think about his beautiful cock and how it would feel, hard and wet, as he fucked us senseless…