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Al Parker, Casey Donovan, Chad Benson and Dick Fisk

We can never get enough of three of the gay porn stars on show here – little but hung Dick Fisk, bearded superstud Al Parker and blond Casey Donovan. You gotta feel sorry for Chad Benson with all that star power around – you almost forget he’s there. In a scene from the first of The Other Side of Aspen series, the four guys get it on and Donovan ends up getting his ass fucked here from bearded Parker while Fisk feeds him his beautiful fat cock. Watch the film now at Falcon Studios

Al Parker and Casey Donovan

We celebrate two giants of gay porn together today – Al Parker and Casey Donovan. Filmed having sex together in the Falcon movie The Other Side of Aspen, these two were icons of the era. Donovan, of course, had made a career as an actor and performer before being cast in a porno movie while Parker and his huge cock helped shape the industry not just as a model but also as a producer and director for his own Surge Studios outfit. If only all porn stars were as charismatic as these too… See more of them at Falcon Studios

Mike Davis and Al Parker

Two of the most amazing men ever to make gay porn now – Mike Davis and Al Parker. We’ve seen these two awesome studs screwing around before but this is another scene they filmed together, with a waterfall tumbling down the hill behind them. A romantic setting for a firey fuck – and it’s Mike who’s topping. Great stuff and you can see the full movie at Colt Studios

Al Parker

They don’t come much bigger than Al Parker. His huge personality, massive cock and balls dominated the pre-condom gay porn years.

Born in Massachusetts, he epitomized the clone look, signed on to do porn with Rip Colt, went on to form the legendary Surge Studios and even had his foreskin restored!

During his career, he worked with some of the biggest names in the business and appeared in such classics as The Other Side of Aspen as well as other movies for the great Falcon outfit.

Now, looking at the pic… if you were heading to jail, wouldn’t you mind seeing him standing there waiting for you in the cell?

Al Parker and Mike Davis

Here are two men who epitomise what Colt was (and is) all about – Al Parker and Mike Davis. All man and, in the case of Parker, hung like a donkey, they are so into their sex it almost hurts. They’re out in the woods and randy as fuck so Davis helps himself to Parker’s tool before they adjourn to the picnic table for a more prolonged BJ session. Watch more of these two fine men at Colt

The return of Al Parker

MOM0188-012-AlParker-747x1024 brutos52919_AlParker MOM0188-013b-AlParker-658x1024

Anyone who’s a regular on this blog will know that we have the hots for Al Parker – he was such a stunning guy to watch, such a sexually ravenous dude. And that cock of his remains one of the best dicks we’ve ever come across (so to speak) in the history of gay porno…

Vintage mag spotlight

Today, one of our irregular looks at the front covers of gay porn mags of years gone by. And today we’re pleased to say we have two featuring the legendary Al Parker (center and right) – and on both occasions he has a pretty impressive cock in his mouth! Lucky Al eh? Recognise the guy on the boat getting his dick sucked in the Nova mag? Yes, it’s that other huge porn star of the era – Jack Wrangler.

Will Seagers and a Weekend Lockup

We’ve featured the legendary Al Parker a few times on the vintage gay porn stars blog so the focus of this entry is Will Seagers – a moustachioed stallion who worked for studios like Bullet, HIS Video and Falcon in the 70s and 80s. Will was hung although not as big as his co-star Parker and was a nicely versatile performer. The pix here feature Parker, who’s been arrested for indecent exposure, and officers Roy and Will in a scene from the classic movie Weekend Lockup. You can see the video at Falcon Studios

Al Parker, Jeff Turk and friend

Any scene with gay porn superstar Al Parker is worth watching and here we feature him in a threesome from the Falcon Studios movie Help Wanted. He discovers young Jeff Turk while out walking by a mountain stream in the great outdoors. Instantly attracted to one another, the boys get into some serious cocksucking before Turk leads Al back to the campsite, where the two dudes take it in turns fucking Turk’s pal. We’re not sure who that third guy is so do let us know if you do!

Al Parker and Toby

Two giants of gay porn from the vintage era now, and not just in the sense that they were two of the most famous guys in the biz. These boys were also hung like donkeys! Al Parker and Toby are featured here in a scene that oozes eroticism and testosterone, thanks to the Colt Studios team. The way Al nurses Toby’s huge uncut dick, drenching it in beer and worshipping every inch is enough to send us to porno heaven!