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Buster and OG Johnson

Here are two more giants of the vintage gay porn era – the legendary Buster and the awesomely hung OG Johnson. It’s a scene from Night Flight, the great Falcon movie, in which black superstar Johnson finds his scene mate having a wank in the plane’s toilet – and punishes him with what looks like a very painful fuck indeed. Buster, though, can handle any sized dick… It’s such a shame that there are only a few movies with Johnson around and a couple of mags with him like Honcho and Inches. See lots more now at Falcon


Ahhhh, Buster. It was easy to confuse him with Jeremy Scott and Kip Noll thanks to his mass of wavy blond hair but he was in a class of his own. Originally from Virginia, he headlined a number of great gay pornos in his time, topping and bottoming along the way. Late in his life he ran for a council seat in West Hollywood but three years later, in 1991, he died of heart failure. Fortunately he’s left us some horny work, including the movies Buster Goes To Laguna, Sailor in the Wild and The Big Surprise. Watch some of them online at Channel 1