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Leo Ford

Famous for his pairings with Lance in gay porn movies, Leo Ford was a stunning blond with an awesome cock who rightly earned a reputation for being a power bottom during his career in the industry. Born in 1957, he worked with directing legends like William Higgins and appeared in such classics as Leo & Lance, Sailor in the Wild, Spokes and Games. Considered by some to be something of a diva, we’ll forgive him that for his great performances on film. Sadly he was killed in 1991 in a motorbike accident. More of his pix and videos are available at Channel 1

Leo Ford and Lance

Some gay porn stars are meant to be together and such was the case with the legends that were Leo Ford and Lance. These stunning blonds were a dream when paired in a sex scene and were rightly big hits with fans and director William Higgins. Lance was the one with the uncut dick, Leo the one with the cut one (allegedly up to 9 inches long if you believe the hype). But Leo was also a great bottom and could seemingly take anything a top could throw at him. See more of the boys together at Channel 1

Rick Donovan and Leo Ford

Gay-American-Porn-Online-William-Higgins-Film-Humongous-Rick-Donovan-Leo-Ford-013 rickdonovan8zzzzz RickDonovan2

A day or so ago we brought you some pix of Leo Ford and today we have yet more, as he joins horse-hung Rick Donovan for a sloppy pool-side celebration of cock. From the movie Sailor in the Wild (available to view at Channel 1), it features Rick in his debut and the insatiable Leo at his cock-sucking best. Rick often struggled to keep that monster dick of his hard in his movies but Leo eventually gets him properly stiff (as the photos here prove). Enjoy!

Leo Ford has sex

Here’s another chance to celebrate bad boy jock Leo Ford – the blond bombshell and star of countless gay pornos during his career. Leo was just the type of guy you expected to find in director William Higgins’ movies and, sure enough, there he was in such outings as Class Reunion and the legendary Leo and Lance. With his smouldering good looks, he was certainly a favorite of ours. Watch some of his movies at Channel 1

Spokes orgy

This is one of the best-known Falcon orgies from the vintage years and it comes from the hit movie Spokes. It features a multitude of talents – Dick Fisk, Lee Ryder, Leo Ford, Mark Hunter, Pete Gable and Rod Phillips – starring as a group of bikers who find a secluded barn for a club member’s initiation. Hunter must strip and take cock after cock up his ass – and there are some big ones here, particularly Fisk and Ryder. Meanwhile, Gable is watching the action from his secret hideaway…